Hollywood Finally Does A Movie About Deepthroat Star Linda Lovelace!

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Amanda Seyfried is linda lovelace2012 is the 40th anniversary of the release of the controversial film deepthroat! Based on what it cost to shoot. (allegedly $10,000 and grossing $6 Million in its first theatrical run) its probably the highest grossing movie of all time. It shocked the nation not because it was the first pornographic film but because it was the first fuck film to go totally mainstream and instead of just the seedy “bad part” of town it was playing in LEGIT theatres right along with movies starring Liz Taylor and Paul Newman. Who would’ve thought that porn could go mainstream especially in that time. The star of the film Linda Boreman going by her screen name Linda Lovelace became a household name, showing off some great blowjob skill. The plot was across ridicolous about a woman who couldnt have an orgasm and she goes to see a doctor who explains her clitoris is in her throat so she has to suck cock to get off The Doc played by the infamous Harry Reems. This blockbuster movie didn’t force Hollywood to go completely hardcore but “real” Hollywood movies did get more explicit for example Marlon Brando in Last Tango In Paris. All the glamour faded from what the media called Porn Chic when the government put everyone involved in the film on trail for obscenity. (Norms have really changed Deepthroat almost looks PG compared to the fringe extreme hardcore that has become mainstream hardcore with DP’s, Bukkake, Hogtied and punishment just being another tuesday in the jizz bizz) Linda left the porno game but was forever haunted by her breakout role, even fired from several jobs once her bosses found out about her past. I find this ironic in this modern age people who did porn to get famous – Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian for example- Get the royal treatment and have become celebrities. Unfortunately Linda’s health faded and in her early 50′s she looked 30 years older. She died in a car accident in 2002 and the media’s coverage was just a small blip on the screen and underreported. This is the woman’s whos film influenced pop culture so much that the Richard Nixon Watergate snitch used the code name DEEPTHROAT himself. SO that brings us to the 2013 release of Lovelace Played by Amanda Seyfreid. Allegedly the role was offered to Lindsay Lohan but her wreckless behavior and strange personal issues forced the studio to drop her! It also stars Adam Brody as Harry Reams, Hank Azaria from the Simpsons gets screen time, and no indy sleazy film would be complete without Sharon Stone playing Linda’s mom and Chloë Sevigny playing Rebecca. If you remember Chole sucked REAL COCK in the indy flick Brown Bunny. I guess it would’ve too funny for her to play Lovelace considering she already did her own deepthroat film. For what I gather this biopic will display Linda as a sympathetic figure who was misled by her boyfriend and will betray her as a victim. The film is rated R instead of NC-17 or no rating so im curious to see just how much REAL porn can you get into a legit hollywood movie about porn. The 1997 film Boogie Nights with Mark Walhberg was pretty racy for its day so im curious to see how much full frontal we will get, Im guessing any penetration of any kind is out! Sayfreid said she watched the original film for inspiration about the caracther but im seriously doubting you will see her wrap her lips around any wood in this film. Lets see how they handle it

Linda Lovlace Sucking Dick in DEEPTHORAT
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Lovelace Review: IMDB

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The Shortbus: New York Underground non-porno underground film with lots of REAL pornographic scenes in it!

the shortbus orgy

the shortbus sextape At this sextape blog we’ve discussed many independent, arthouse, and other non porn films that just so happen to have REAL sex acts in them. Films like The Brown Bunny, Caligua, and 9 Songs for instance that play like real movies, have scripts like real movies and trying to be ART and NOT real porn which no longer has any scripts or plots and is only about fapping off to it. Those films spend 99% of there time developing a narrative, plot with with an antagonist and all that real film stuff and 1% of it is fucking. Pervs like you and me and the curious find the clip of the real sex and refuse to watch the other 99% and just watch that 1 percent because we could give a fuck about the plot we just want to see the fucking. Which brings us to the SHORT BUS. I don’t think i ever seen so much porn in a film that isn’t intended to be porn. It includes plenty of your regular fucking like Nine Songs had but it goes further with Orgy Sex, Gay Sex, And even a scene were a guy gives himself a blowjob and cums on his own face. WTF indeed. Filmed and released in 2006 mainstream audiences that have only seemed simulated sex scenes are shocked when first exposed to this material at how graphic it goes with BDSM fetish weirdo sexual perv material it provides. It makes you think if you are gonna go that far just go ahead and cut out the plot and put out a pornographic film. You would’ve expected this from A European arthouse release but rarely see anything going this far in American releases. If you were shocked by Brokeback Mountain then you are probably not ready for this.. What do you think? Click the link..


Sook-Yin Lee sextape

Released in 2006 after premiering in May at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. It played in over 25 countries, winning multiple awards at the Athens, Zurich, and Gijon film festivals. Howard Gertler and Tim Perell received an Independent Spirit Award as Producers of the Year. It got a 66% favorable rating at Rotten Tomatoes Film opinion website!

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The Shortbus: Wikipedia Breakdown
Rotten Tomatoes View
New York Times Report

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  • The Sextape As Shameless Promotion Tool: Blame It On Paris Hilton

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    you’ve heard the story a million times. The heiress to Hilton Hotels. a 90210 socialite with no talent but loves attention plus off a ridicolus caper to get more attention. Shes already rich but she wants to be famous but with no real talent to get famous about. So what do you do? you make some “private” dirty home made films with night vision and then they just so happen to “leak” just a week before the release of your reality show? Theres probably thousands of hoes working as porn actresses to pay the rent so why is she different? the difference is she wasnt a pay for play, but a rich girl moonlighting as a porn girl and linked to a rich to do family so its a scandal. Paris flipped this back in 2003 and gets paid handsomely at public events, launched a fragrance, Calendars and even put out an album (that thankfully tanked) she gave this same playboook to Kim Kardashian who did the same thing “leak” a sextape and catapult the scandal to more fame. Its all marketing, sell your soul and your privacy in exchange for fame. The Devil must be proud. But what does it say about our society when rich spoiled socialities with no decipherable talents get more rich and more famous for being porn whores? Now an untold number of regular middle class girls are busy trying to make a tape thinking it will make them famous but in reality it will just be a tarnish on there reputation for the rest of there life, if they ever try to do anything of importance in the future. Run for mayor or city council or something higher in 2030? hey wasnt that you doing fellatio on webcam back in 2012? Things are getting more liberal but even then i dont think thats gonna fly? What a world we live in, As for me, I dont care about all the other reality shows and clothing lines and what not i just want to see them sucking that dick and im happy.

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    paris hilton slut pamela anderson and tommy lee sex

    President Bill Clinton Photographed With Pornstars Brooklyn Lee And Tasha Rein

    (Slick Willie Strikes Again?!?!)
    bill clinton sextape

    Clinton was co-hosting a gala Wednesday evening with Prince Albert of Monaco to benefit the Prince Albert II of Monaco and the William J. Clinton Foundations. Somehow he got bunched up with porn hookers! Do you think he knows? and how did they get an invite? A lot of pornstars moonlight as eh.. hum.. ESCORTS. we all know what that means. Expensive pussy to high rollers that want hot eye candy on there arm for public events and some hot crazy wild sex in private later at the hotel! So Im not gonna insinuate that our former President knows but based on his track record he should. The Monica Lewinsky scandal that broke around 1998 got him impeached for his escapades with the white house intern and the impeachment was for the freaky sexual stuff but for lying about the freaky sexual stuff. As a recap Bill aka Slick Willie The Pimp was getting blowjobs from her in the oval office, was sticking cigars in her pussy and smoking them and of course the infamous blue stained dress. Ole Bill liked it Freaky. He is now close to 70 years old and survived a triple bypass heart surgery so I dont know if he still has the Balls. LOL to take these heffers on. Anyway heres what the mainstream media had to say!

    Brooklin Lee Filmography
    Tasha Reign Filmography

    (Brooklyn Lee In Action)
    brooklyn lee anal

    (Tasha Rain In Action)
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    Deion Sanders Daugther. Prime Time Oldest Girl Gets Freaky On Twitter!

    Deon Sanders is an icon and spends a lot of his time professing his christian belief, apparently his daughter Dieondra Sanders wasnt paying much attention. At just 19 (and looking damn good) she uploaded these pics to her twitter for the whole world to see. You know how these things go, young girl takes a x pill, away from home in college and the opportunity to show your self off to a boyfriend or whatever. ya get caught up and next thing you know you are soiling the family name. here she is looking like a younger version of Chaka Khan back in the 70′s The Rufus Sweet Thing era. Not bad baby. Nice fucking tits!

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    When your father is a media figure, football hall of famer and has the spotlight like Dieon Sanders aka Prime Time then you gotta figure the backlash would come! and it came quickly after Media take Out broke the story the twitter page removed the images and issued this apology!

    dieon sanders daugther sextape


    Nice come back about being young and doing dumb stuff, but too late now its out there and you cant take it back i imagine how furious pappa sanders was when he found out about this.another good one for the archives i wonder which famous daugther will leak next. you know its cummin. They grew up rich, spoiled and probably gullible as hell from being sheltered in there pampered lifestyle, to fit in with there peers (who parents are not so famous) they always OVER DO and get caught up. The next ones to leak i will let you know, as long as they are over 18 I will put it up. Rumors of a Bobby Christina sextape are out there (daugther of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown) but allegedly shot underage so if that does surface im NOT touching it. Stay tuned for the legal leaks!

    (who know you done fucked up right?)
    dieon sanders sextape scandal

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    Football legend Bernie Kosar’s daughter doing porn under the name Lexxi Silver

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    bernie kosar daughter Lexi Silver’s real name is Sara Kosar and shes a yoga instructor. she turned her passion of yoga and love of sex into one new theme with yoga inspired fuck films. This would’ve have even raised one eye brow but it turns out that name Kosar is not be accident her father is football legend Bernie Kosar. He was in the news lately for giving play by play commentary and radio interviews in which he clearly was drunk as a skunk and was judgemental of many coaching decisions he evaluated. Of course this put it back in his lap when people did just the most basic research and found out his own daughter was fucking on films. So who is he to talk right? You’ve seen a million girls that came up in dysfunctional households get the fuck out of dodge when they turn 18 and escape to LA’s glitz and glamour and sunshine and get turned out by the porn industry but when daddies princess from well off families especially famous ones do it it makes your wonder what the hell went wrong here? So what is your opinion on it? leave a comment?

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    Tila Tequila Sextape? She rides the Sybian On Howard Stern

    tila tequila sextape

    tila tequila howard stern Look up the word attention whore in the dictionary and you should find a pic of Tila Tequila. And her is this little asian tramp riding the sybian on the Howard Stern show. shes done a great job of manipulating the media for her own benefit but she might as well just be a full time porn whore at this point. what else is she gonna do? get a real job? She even flipped it to a reality show on VH-1 were men and women competed for her affection since she claimed to swing both ways. You have to admire her spunk. Shes just another tiny azian chick that looks like a million other asian chicks that would love to be famous. In Tia’s case she surpressed all shame and studied the marketing of hype and controversy and in the reality tv (or should i say unscripted tv) era all you have to do is be loud, obnoxious, self centered and outlandish and someone will come to you about a ‘reality show’ that they can sell to the public who swallows this shit up like a bunch of mindless retards. So here it is Tila Tequila on Howard Stern. He got off mainstream radio due to FCC restrictions and went to sattelite so he can do the show his way with no restrictions on language or content so basically theres very little difference between his show and watching porn now, well i guess you can get the porn for free without the subscription. LOL. enjoy the clip!

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    Cameron Diaz Nude Fetish Fishnet Video

    cameron diaz fetishcameron diaz naked

    This is definitely one of those things that Cameron Dias wish she never did, before she was an A List star, before she made like $10 million a film, before she was dating Alex Rodriguez, she was just another struggling actress/model trying to make a name for herself. It was her role in the MASK opposite Jim Carrey but before that she did this photoshoot in a wild exotic style that she never did in her Hollywood films. I means seriously shes never showed us even one aerola in her films, Shes a bigger tease than Julia Roberts. All the embarrassing stuff and nudity happens to other actresses in her movies but never her so im glad to see get knocked off her high horse and give us something more raw and sexy than she ever did according to ETHNIC CELEBS DOT COM Ms Diaz is Spanish, English, German, Scots-Irish, Dutch, and Native-American which explains her unique look, and I dont think shes that hot anymore in her 40′s but in her early 20′s she was sexy ass fuck. Peep it!

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    (Cameron Diaz Has A Wild Past)
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    Love Tenshi: The rise and fall of an attention whore

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    In early 2011 this sexy blasian (black and asian mix) turned up on tumblr and got everyone to pay attention and grab some lube and fap off to her. she just turned 18 and was a sexy multi-cultural mix and as mentioned loved the attention. her self leaked images started out with just showing some nipples, it progressed to showing some vag and then showing the pink sugarwalls and in no time she was posting videos of herself masturbating. Unfortunately she didnt know how to turn into a business properly and get paid for her effort and the obsessed stalkers freaked her out with way over the top harrassment and of course girls whos men got turned out by her was mad too. so within 10 months of her debut she deleted her page, thanked everyone expressed her fustration from stalkers that threatened to cum to her house and disappeared and i guess went into the straight life and is probably in a university today and shes in your class ya never know. I enjoyed her short shot at fame it was a good time while it lasted!


    lovetenshi fap off

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    Sextape Throwback: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee From the 90′s

    pamela anderson blowjob

    The 2003 sextape “leak” of Paris Hilton is the mother of the modern sextape as a scandal to get attention to advance a career as a marketing strategy. (successfully exploited by Kim Kardashian in 2005) but the first MAJOR sextape scandal was the 1995 Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee honeymoon footage. It looks so grainy from copies of copies from the VHS format being converted to digital now but it was something extremely skanless for its time.. Pamela was famous from Baywatch fame and Tom as the drummer of Heavy Metal act Motly Crue. People thought this leak would be the exception instead of the rule but when the internet and the low cost of cell phones and video cameras became cheap the sextape became the NORM and you werent really famous unless you did have one.. Check out the throwback and enjoy when Pam was actually hot!


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