Jennifer Connelly The Ass To Ass Dildo Lesbo Orgy Explicit Sex Scene!

jennifer connelly ass to ass

B list actress Jennifer Connley is not a household name but at the same time shes not the struggling only working every 3 years type of actress either. Shes that supporting actress in many films youve seen before. not the lead but always in the background adding flavor to the plot. Shes been in films like Higher Learning, A Beautiful Mind, and Blood Diamond. Shes been nominated and WON the Best supporting actress oscar for Beautiful Mind which was AFTER the steamy scene shown here, so she wasnt typecast as a sextape whore. She just turned 40 in 2011 and the work hasnt dryed up because the industry respects her. And that brings us to

    Requiem for a Dream

This art house favorite has an ensemble cast with the plot about drug addiction and the situations (which are desirable) people find themselves in while addicted. Jennifer plays Marion Silver. And as the scene clearly shows you shes a stripper/showgirl/porn hooker who gets paid to perform to rowdy crowds of horny men and in this steamy wild scene she goes ass to ass dildo stunt cock ride with another chick to the entertainment of some dudes. Not your typical family brand of entertainment. It went there and in return it wasnt submitted to the MPAA so it wasnt given a rating but with material like this it wouldve easily been given the NC-17. But i guess that wasnt the point to be a pop corn flick to get big box office but intended to be a film for the sake of Art over commerce. It made just $3 million and im guessing it was shot for a little bit less than that but it stands up as great PORN.. uh art. Enjoy!


Requiem for a Dream sexjennifer connelly porn

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Requiem for a Dream Marlon wayans

Lady Gaga From Burlesque stripper to big time musical powerhouse!

lady gaga tits

lady gaga sextapesStefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga is a real weirdo. She was one of those FAME school kids of the performing arts that only dreamed of being famous from performing and nothing else. Shes been compared to a younger up to date Madonna but its more than just that.. she likes the arena rock of Queen and the androgyny of the ultimate reinvention man himself David Bowie. Throw in some euro house influenced tracks and you got her. Shes had so many wardrobe malfunctions that its not even funny anymore. She was doing some stripping for cash under the guise of burlesque and also doing underground doing the small clubs of the New York City club circuit and many labels looked at her and passed ironically AKON of all people signed her to his label and he will never have to work again from this critical business move. IT was like LA Reid signing PINK. Put her out there get the fuck out the way and cash the checks. there were rumors that Stef had a dick or was a hermaphrodite which turned out to be not be true she just has some really big pussy lips

lady gaga pussy

Lady Gaga Wiki Page

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Zoe Saldana Finger Bangs Mila Kunis: Arthouse Porn

zoe saldana taste pussyZoe Saldana (Avatar, Drumline) and Mila Kunis (That 70′s Show and The voice of Meg On Family Guy) have great chemistry and even though this is simulated “acting” it feels very real. You trying to tell me that there pussy aint wet. You trying to tell me that Mila isn’t having a real orgasm? Zoe’s scenes in films have been too damn clean so its cool to see her play a freaky role and like Monsters Ball with Halle Berry. Zoe reaches in Milas lady parts finger bangs hers and then taste the love and says you Taste So good. I dont know about you but that gives a stiffy. Name actors will do steamy porn-ish roles if its for ART as in this arthouse flick that you never have or never will see. called AFTER SEX. heres the good parts


mila kunis finger bang

Zoe Saldana Biography

Mia Kunis Biography


Caligula. 1979 Mainstream Movie With Real Blowjobs In The Orgy Scene

mainstream movie blowjob
Caligula blowjob orgy The historical Caligua was a Roman Emperor who reigned from 37-41 AD who is remembered for his outrageous excesses described by historians as cruel, extravagant, and sexual perverse, and basically insane. By ancient Rome standards in which they fed people to the lions as a sport you have to be completely nuts for them to label you cruel and Caligua was. In 1979 Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione decided to finance a REAL movie, that was NOT intended to be porn starring name Hollywood actors documenting this odd ball of the history books! The lead stars were Malcolm McDowell, John Gielgud, Peter O’Toole, Helen Mirren, and Teresa Ann Savoy. Not a shabby list. Those are well respected actors.


The film already had strong violence and very erotic simulated scenes but the story goes like this! After the film had been completed Mr Guccione the films producer and chief financial backer, slipped in extra footage of this orgy scene in which he recruited pornstars giving real fellatio and cunniligus. None of the principal actors were in it and they claimed they new nothing of these additions to the script.

Caligula movie poster

The film was mostly panned by critics and Roger Ebert even reportedly walked out on it. It has survived the test of time as an oddity and sort of a novelty. Most versions of it on DVD and its cinema runs were edited dropping the most insane violence and of course the orgy. It was rereleased in the UK unedited in 2008 after a nearly 30 year ban. At the time of its released some people thought in the US that this would be the break through film that finally knocked down the door that seperated porn and mainstream movies and you would start to see REAL SEX ACTS in “respectable” films not intended for the sole purpose of Porns dumb it down and wack off model! But this didn’t happen. In 1980 The conservative revolution was ushered in with Ronald Regan came into power, whose adminstration was hostile torwards porn and also the fact that the film wasn’t that good! but lets face it you dont want to spend 2 hours of your life going through Roman history about a mad man from a film produced by another mad man. just watch the blowjob scene and call it a day!

(Other Views)
UK The Daily Mail: Re-release Controversy
Caligua The Movie: Wikipedia Breakdown

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  • The Kanye West Sextapes With Kim Kardashian Look A Like?

    (Is that a POV shot of Kayne West Cock?)
    kanye west and mony monn

    kanye west leaked picsRumors have floated around all of summer of 2012 that Kanye West had not just one but TWO SEXTAPES out there that could be leaked at any moment. He started to date the skanless whore Kim Kardashian very soon after her marriage disolved with Brooklyn Nets Forward Kris Humprhies so anybody thats involved with the KKK (all the Kardashan hoes are named with the letter K and theres 3 of them go figure) then any type of headline stealing low brow manipulative bullshit is possible. To add to the juicy gossip is that the sextapes that are allegedly filmed the girl that K West is pounding is not Kym Kardashian but is a Kim Karadshin 19 year old Look alike named Monny Mon. Yep shit is getting strange. There was also an alleged $5 million bounty by a porn media company to obtain the rights that is supposedly is being blocked by Kenny West Deep pockets and team of lawyers. Now that Kym Kardashian is confirmed pregnant he wont be able to get rid of her since they share a kid now so this story only gets jucier. The images listed here are supposed to be top secrets leaks of whats to cum? We will keep you posted!

    kanye west spoof
    kanye west sextapemonyy mon

    The Examiner Breaking News

    Kanye West Wiki Page

    Kimmy Kardashian Sextape Scandal

    The Kim K Clone Monny Monn

    Demi Moore Nake Collage and more!

    demi moore naked

    demi moore headshot Demi More is the poster child for the word Attention Whore in the Hollywood scene. She first came into stardom on the 80′s in St. Elmos Fire. She married Bruce Willis and gave good supporting roles in movies like A Few Good Men but she wanted queen Bee status and to carry a movie by herself as the headliner so she divorced Bruce Willis and She tried so hard with movies like GI Jane and Strip Tease to do this. She hit the gym like crazy and got chiseled but the box office she expected as a lead act just didnt happen that way. She continued her faux A list lifestyle by hooking up with much younger up and commer Ashton Kutcher who got famous as the lead on the infamous show That 70′s Show. After there break up her star faded and she has tried to fight the aging that kills the careers of too many Hollywood female actors. Demi and Sharon Stone and Pamela Anderson and others of that generation started to morph into old ladies and the new hot young ones like Mila Kunis are on the rise. Ironically Mila is engaged to her former finance Ashton Kutcher at the time of this writing. Demi may be 51 and about ready for the AARP but looking back at her work she was pretty fucking hot back in the day!

    demi more strip tease


    Demi Moore Wiki Page

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    In The Cut: Meg Ryan Watches a Real BLOWJOB!

    meg ryan plastic surgery Meg Ryan made her career in the romantic comedy. Real Vanilla stuff meaning that it wasn’t offensive, always clean cut and so sanatized that it just made you hurl from being so corny. You’ve seen these movies a million time because they are so “safe” and so NON controversial that they play on Airline Flights so you watched them just to have something to do. Or they are on a non stop loop at your favorite retail store like Best Buy, Target or Walmart. Films that are real schmaltzy like Sleepless In Seattle, You Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally. Megs rep has been so sanitary she makes Julie Andrews look edgy. That was until the 2003 murder mystery IN THE CUT dropped. The plot attempts to play off of Silence of the Lambs or Se7ven but comes up short. The only redeeming quality is that Meg does her first on screen nude scene in a steamy sex scene and even wilder than that this is a mainstream film in which the directors cut has her witnessing a real BLOWJOB performed by Heather Liteer. Heather is definitely NOT a name actress with only about 5 or so small roles to her credit. It would’ve been real news if Meg was the one giving head, but hey we finally got her to show her 42 year old titty for the first time so lets not get ahead of ourselves. The movie was panned by critics and audiences alike and only got a 33 out of a 100 at Rotten Tomatoes dot com. Thats too bad because it was a best selling novel and the film was directed by a female, (and not enough females get a chance to direct in hollywood so a failed film makes it harder to get another female a shot) Lets face it, all you care about is the porn in this attempted thriller so I’ll give you the best scene and save you time and money!


    in the cut blowjob

    meg ryan breastmeg ryan first nude scene

    Hi… Im Heather Liteer I sucked Cock From In The Cut
    heather litteer deepthroat

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    Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis Sex Scenes In Friends With Benefits

    justin timberlake hacked cellphone

    This is Mila Kunis 3rd appearance at sex tape blogs dot com and I bet you dont mind that all. Shes a hot babe. First getting famous on the cast of That 70′s show, and as the voice of Meg on Family Guy shes always on the Maxim top 100 babe list and many a mans wet dream. She doesn’t seem to mind do really freaky stuff on film for the sake of ART and a paycheck. Im guessing you never saw the film Friends with Benefits were she stars opposite Justin Temberlake.The title says it all shes like a homey lover friend and in a relationship were the man and woman get along with common interest, they can watch football or fuck (which they do plenty of) This romantic comedy actually got a 71% rating at rotten Tomatoes so its actually a good film, considering most rom com’s are derivitive, predictable and paint by the numbers chick flicks that women drag there man to go see and we suffer through if it means getting some HEAD later. I bet you dont want to take 90 minutes of your time for the good stuff so just click the link to see a mix of the fuck scenes. Its not the shocking “looks real” stuff like Halle Berry in Monsters Ball (im still convinced Billy Bob was tagging her sugarwalls) but FWB has some sex scenes here


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    justin timberlake sextapemia kunis oral sex

    Chanel Preston Live On Webcam TONIGHT March 19th at 11 pm est

    Chanel Preston is a very pretty woman with movie star looks doing nasty hardcore porn thats fap worthy. If you are late to her party this is your chance to watch her star rise in the jizz biz. Just click on the promo link above. You control the action in a real time freaky chat and can choose to be seen by her or to be anonymous. its gonna be a great time end your hump day stroking to a true porn legend that you can communicate with while seeing her perform its fucking awesome. No website to join just create an account and buy Minutes to watch the show!


    chanel preston DPchanel preston anal creampie

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    Sadie Kennedy anal chanel preston blowjob

    Cameron Diaz Nude Fetish Fishnet Video

    This is definitely one of those things that Cameron Dias wish she never did, before she was an A List star, before she made like $10 million a film, before she was dating Alex Rodriguez, she was just another struggling actress/model trying to make a name for herself. It was her role in the MASK opposite Jim Carrey but before that she did this photoshoot in a wild exotic style that she never did in her Hollywood films. I means seriously shes never showed us even one aerola in her films, Shes a bigger tease than Julia Roberts. All the embarrassing stuff and nudity happens to other actresses in her movies but never her so im glad to see get knocked off her high horse and give us something more raw and sexy than she ever did according to ETHNIC CELEBS DOT COM Ms Diaz is Spanish, English, German, Scots-Irish, Dutch, and Native-American which explains her unique look, and I dont think shes that hot anymore in her 40′s but in her early 20′s she was sexy ass fuck. Peep it!

    cameron diaz fetishcameron diaz naked


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    (Cameron Diaz Has A Wild Past)
    cameron diaz porn

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