Love Tenshi: The rise and fall of an attention whore

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In early 2011 this sexy blasian (black and asian mix) turned up on tumblr and got everyone to pay attention and grab some lube and fap off to her. she just turned 18 and was a sexy multi-cultural mix and as mentioned loved the attention. her self leaked images started out with just showing some nipples, it progressed to showing some vag and then showing the pink sugarwalls and in no time she was posting videos of herself masturbating. Unfortunately she didnt know how to turn into a business properly and get paid for her effort and the obsessed stalkers freaked her out with way over the top harrassment and of course girls whos men got turned out by her was mad too. so within 10 months of her debut she deleted her page, thanked everyone expressed her fustration from stalkers that threatened to cum to her house and disappeared and i guess went into the straight life and is probably in a university today and shes in your class ya never know. I enjoyed her short shot at fame it was a good time while it lasted!


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Sextape Throwback: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee From the 90′s

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The 2003 sextape “leak” of Paris Hilton is the mother of the modern sextape as a scandal to get attention to advance a career as a marketing strategy. (successfully exploited by Kim Kardashian in 2005) but the first MAJOR sextape scandal was the 1995 Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee honeymoon footage. It looks so grainy from copies of copies from the VHS format being converted to digital now but it was something extremely skanless for its time.. Pamela was famous from Baywatch fame and Tom as the drummer of Heavy Metal act Motly Crue. People thought this leak would be the exception instead of the rule but when the internet and the low cost of cell phones and video cameras became cheap the sextape became the NORM and you werent really famous unless you did have one.. Check out the throwback and enjoy when Pam was actually hot!


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Chloe Sevigny Sucks Cock In “Real” Indie Movie!

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You may recognize Chloë Sevigny from her emmy winning role In Big Love She is one of those serious actresses thats completely into her roles and if the role provides she got raw, dirty and nasty then she says NO PROBLEM. Its not your typical Safe actress like Cameron Diaz, Brooke Shields or Julia Roberts back in the day who refused nudity, used body doubles. you couldnt get even one aerola out of these chicks. Then theres Cloe Sevigniy. who..


No grainy amatuer sextape is need of Clhoe Sevginy. she already has one in her real job. The raunchy blowjob of her deepthroating cock gagging is from the Indie Film BROWN BUNNY. The guy getting pleasures is Joe Gallo who wrote, directed and starred as the lead caracther. If you can write a scene about getting a blowjob and get a credible actress to liplock your cock, then life must be good! Like Halle Berry in Monsters Ball, somebody convinced to do porn for art. They will show you film at the Sundance film festival, the critics will call you edgy, you get to be naughty and film your sextape and get paid and pull it off as for the sake of art! I have no idea what the plotline is about in Brown Bunnie and i dont care, of the films 93 mins all i care about is 4 minutes of her getting her Linda Lovelace on! She always does the controversial, weird, and arty stuff other actresses are afraid to touch. The William Morris Agency dropped her after the appearance but she went on to win an emmy for big love so she gets the last laugh! Now how about some more throat work Chloe. I’ll hire you for my ART film, but i wont wait to the last scene to get your lips on my wood!

Chloe Sevigny blowjob gif
Chloe Sevigny naked


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Ke Ke Palmer Child Star all grown up and Leaked Nudes.

kee kee palmer tits

ke ke palmer xxx Lauren Keyana “Keke” Palmer is a child star that you may have seen in films like Akeelah and the Bee, and Long Shots. She was born in 1993 and now 21 and its kind of different seeing her all grown up. Unlike a lot of young black actresses she has survived the hollywood shuffle and shes breaking barriers as the first black cinderella on broadway. She often gives clips showing her wisdom on twitter and other formats but you just knew it was too good to last. She has been caught up in the latest celebrity Icloud hack too. Bursting her squeaky clean image. We now know shes got some freaky Pierced nipples and racy low brow tacky tats around her beautiful breast and yes these are some pretty puppies. and those pups are nice pair of outstanding rocking tits. Thanks for sharing Ms Palmer. Remember if you don’t want naked pics of you to leak online then don’t take naked pics of yourself with your phone. By 2014 standards I believe that this is just PG-13 now. Look at what Farah Abarham did seriously?

keke palmer head


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Amber Rose Actual Sextape Video? For reals?

amber rose porn

The nude photos of Amber Roze have already been confirmed as early as 2011. And as you might expect it was some freaky stuff with her spread eagle and masturbating. Very juicy stuff but it gets better. This low res vid shows a woman with that buzz cut shes known for doing the nasty with some unkown guy and he nuts all over her booty at the end. Is this Amber Rose. Sure the fuck looks like her. Its been floating around for a while and with no denials from her camp. I guess its that time after Kanye and before Wiz Kalifa that she got caught sexing on hidden camera or maybe shes an exhibitionist and she wants us to look. Is it her? You Decide.

**Amber Rose Fucking On Film?**

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The never ending Icloud Hack: Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and more nude photos

Jennifer Lawrence
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Kim Kardashian
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Kristan Dunst
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Hope Solo
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Kate Upton
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Selena Gomez Naked (The image to the left is Selena Gomez) Unless you are living under a rock The summer closed with September 20-21 a major hacking of Celebrities Phones leaked literally hundreds of naked pics of all of our favorite celebs who were silly and careless enough to take naked selfies. What did we learn? Well #1 That the security on your phones DOES NOT exist so if you dont want it to leak dont take them. #2 Celebs that dont nudity like J Law and Kristen Dunst are quenching a desire from there fans to knock them from there high horse and show us some long over due skin. #3 We know that Kim Kardashian got famous for doing material much more risque but it never hurts to see even more new naked pics because even if you hate her shes still fucking hot! In addition to the women hacked above there was even photos of BBW Jill Scott that leaked. So yeah they got EVERYBODY! Hey once again if you dont want it out there don’t take it!

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Prissy Actresses: Gabrielle Union and Megan Good Hacked!

Gabrielle Union
gabrielle union nudegabrielle union tits

Megan Good
Megan Good TitsMegan Good sextape

megan goode hacked Gabrielle Union and Megan Goode have survived in the hollywood shuffle consistently getting roles in a weird industry as black actresses in a biz that has been unforgiving to them. So I appreciate them and think they are mad sexy. But they are two of the biggest dick teases in entertainment and both consistenly acting nearly 20 years in films and both failing to do any nudity at all. Seriously not one damn titty or areola. So in saying that, they are “victims” of the Icloud hack that broke over the September 20th weekend that got Riahanna, Kim Kardashian and a host of others so to see some skin of these prudes is nice to see! the controversy continues!

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Major Celebrity Sextape Hacking Drops! Riahanna and many more Leak

riahanna sextoy

riahanna naked Riahana Fenty is no stranger to naughty pics. When she was dating Chris Brown circa 2011 there was some softcore nudes that leaked but now her stuff keeps getting freakier and leaning torwards the hardcore stuff of pornstars. she is apparently the victim of a major celebrity hacking that has names like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Megan Goode, Gabrielle Union and even Hope Solo apparently caught up in the frenzy. If you dont want your wild stuff to leak out on the internet then you should’nt be do all this crazy wreckless stuff. But if you are a celeb of this stature it may actually help your career based on the shaky moral of todays 21st century standards. In Ree Ree’s case shes kissing a stunt cock sextoy (above) and is kissing a girl and much more! More info to cum on the scandal over the next week to cum


Riahanna’s Wiki Page

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Zoe Saldana Finger Bangs Mila Kunis: Arthouse Porn

zoe saldana taste pussyZoe Saldana (Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Mila Kunis (That 70′s Show and The voice of Meg On Family Guy) have great chemistry and even though this is simulated “acting” it feels very real. You trying to tell me that there pussy aint wet. You trying to tell me that Mila isn’t having a real orgasm? Zoe’s scenes in films have been too damn clean so its cool to see her play a freaky role and like Monsters Ball with Halle Berry. Zoe reaches in Milas lady parts finger bangs hers and then taste the love and says you Taste So good. I dont know about you but that gives a stiffy. Name actors will do steamy porn-ish roles if its for ART as in this arthouse flick that you never have or never will see. called AFTER SEX. heres the good parts


mila kunis finger bang

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Demi Moore Naked Collage and more!

demi moore naked

demi moore headshot Demi More is the poster child for the word Attention Whore in the Hollywood scene. She first came into stardom on the 80′s in St. Elmos Fire. She married Bruce Willis and gave good supporting roles in movies like A Few Good Men but she wanted queen Bee status and to carry a movie by herself as the headliner so she divorced Bruce Willis and She tried so hard with movies like GI Jane and Strip Tease to do this. She hit the gym like crazy and got chiseled but the box office she expected as a lead act just didnt happen that way. She continued her faux A list lifestyle by hooking up with much younger up and commer Ashton Kutcher who got famous as the lead on the infamous show That 70′s Show. After there break up her star faded and she has tried to fight the aging that kills the careers of too many Hollywood female actors. Demi and Sharon Stone and Pamela Anderson and others of that generation started to morph into old ladies and the new hot young ones like Mila Kunis are on the rise. Ironically Mila is engaged to her former finance Ashton Kutcher at the time of this writing. Demi may be 51 and about ready for the AARP but looking back at her work she was pretty fucking hot back in the day!

demi more strip tease


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