Kim Kardashian The Sextape that Made Her Famous. Don’t Forget

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Kim Kardashan is a shamless, talentless whore but not a dumb one. She like the attention and the money and the dumb ass public following her every move. Its absolutely brilliant to think she took some sextape (well sex performance) with D List singer Ray J and somehow catapulted that to being an A list star. She is friends with another attention whore named Paris Hilton who gave her the playbook. I am not watching the Kardashian reality show. I give two fucks about her marriage to Kanye West. I am not buying the clothing line, or perfumes or anything. Like any other porn star (thats bascially how she got famous in the first place) I dont want to hear her talk unless shes grunting FUCK ME. I only want to see her take dicks up every possible hole. The American public is really fucking stupid for making this tramp a superstar with absolutely no talent whatsoever. But I dont mind fapping to her sexual exploits, Thats all shes good for.

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Halle Berry In Monsters Ball. Was The Sex Scene REAL?

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Its 2016 and Halle Berry is still the only black female to win an Oscar for best actress. She earned it for her hardcore epic performance in Monsters Ball getting her high yella pink pussy gutted by Billy Bob Thortons old wrinkly dick and balls. Its quite ironic that a black woman well bi-racial anyway had to do PORN fucking just to win the Oscar. Dorothy Dandrige, Cicely Tyson, Angela Basset all passed over for XXX. The version in the movie was highly edited but the uncut version looks like dick is going up in a vagina. I have always been outraged but yet so amazed and addicted to this scene. Its so raw there has never been any demand for a Halle Barry Sextape she already has one in an oscar winning performance Check it out The Gif Action at Booty Gif Dot Com

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(Hall Berry Freaks Jamey Fox)
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Farrah Abarham. Not A Sextape but A Sex Film Really.

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Farah Abaram Started off her entertainment career fairly innocent. She was one of the girls on 16 and Pregnant a MTV reality show that shows the real lives of girls that got pregnant in there teens and the trails and error and pressure they had to be a good mom when they were just kids themselves. The show lasted about 3 seasons and then they moved on. But Fara loved the limelight and the attention so She wanted to keep her 15 minutes of fame going. She is a talentless whore so she does what whores lacking talent have done for ages and thats just going hardcore in some xxx porn. At least she was smart about it instead of getting the chump change of about 500 dollars a scene, she sold the rights to vivid and did an outright porn film that was marketed to appear to be a leak and got paid over a $1 million dollars for it. She may be a shameless whore but she aint no dumb one. The rumor is that she also get a residual cut of each sale. So thats lifetime income for a scene that might have took her 1 hour to do? And BTW she gave us a sex swing and ANAL. What a freaky bitch.. The body aint bad but here breast augmentation is pretty awful. Enjoy!

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Rob Gronkowski With XXX Star Bibi Jones

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Rob Gonkowski aka the Gronk is a party animal. On his bye week from the NFL’s New England Patriot he doesn’t do what other pro football players do like resting injuries, watching film or just relaxing with family. NOPE. He hangouts with pornstars, sluts, and hookers like the sweet petite piece of ass called Bibi Jones. Ms Jones has been doing hardcore for a while and I am sure this is known to Gronky boy and he probably loves every minute of it. The Patriots obviously were not too pleased with him but they really can’t punish there best offensive weapon and the #1 guy for Tom Brady to throw too. The NFL has not had a player this fun loving probably since Vince Mcmahon or The Boz in the 80’s.

(Bibi Jones At Work)
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Kendra Wilkinson XXX Gifs, Pic and VIDEO!

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Kendra Wilkinson made a name for herself as a Playboy playmate and one of the whores.. uhh girlfriends of dirty old man Hugh Hefner. After his divorce he decided to shack up with not one, not two, but THREE hot sexy blondes ages 20 to 23 years and Kenda Wilkinson was one of them. What she didnt know was that a boyfriend a long time ago had footage of them doing some freaky sex stuff that he wind up letting leak for money. It really should not have shocked too many people for real. Shes a ho to the highest bidder. She was married to former NFL player Hank Baskett and they had a reality show that showed just how dysfunctional Hollywood lives can be and made me glad for my boring life in comparison. You have to give it to Kenny girl, who is now 30 and not aging well but she was a hot little piece of ass in her late teens and early 20’sand knows how to suck a cock and ride on. Not the smartest whore on the planet and fits into that dumb blonde lane. But she knew who exactly who to fuck to get to the top and not give it away for free. Well once she met The Hef she learned that.

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Amber Rose Naked. From Kanye To Wiz Kalifa. Model Turned Rapper Chaser Ho!

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The rise of AMBER ROSE has been well documented in terms of the fame. For most of the public, she came on the scene as the eye candy freaky girlfriend of Rapper/Producer Kanye West. Sporting a blonde buzz cut look, you figured she was influenced by Annie Lennox and Grace Jones. And like Grace she was a working model. Amber actually comes from Cape Verde, small islands off the coast of North Africa. since her split with Kanye it was just a stepping stone for her to manipulate the public to get more famous and richer. It worked, shes recogniziable an has a vodka commercial for Smirnoff (They must be trying to fight back against P Diddy’s Ciroc for the urban market). so she seems to know how to work this fame thing. As a model shes 5”9 repped by Creative Artists Agency born in 1982 as Amber Levonchuck shes here to say get used to it. By the way enjoy the leaked nude images of her touching herself. Shes definitely jack off material. I see how Kayne Fell under her spell! She then seduced Wiz Kalifa and the game continues.

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Olivia Munn Sucking Aaron Rodgers Dick. ITS REAL

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After being dogged for years about being secretly gay, Aaron Rodgers put a lid on the rumors by having a very public and PDA filled relationship with Actress Olivia Munn. She will be best known as the character Pyslocke in the upcoming X-Men film in summer of 2016. She is a sexy mix of White and Japanese which gives her a very hot exotic look. Shes known for her left field sense of humor and apparently she can suck cock very well too. This image was allegedly leaked by Aaron Rogers himself in December 2014 once the Greenbay Packers were knocked out of the playoffs. It has never been questioned for authenticity. its 100% real. Awesome. Aaron is a lucky man to get head from one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Sweet!

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Miley Cyrus from Disney Child Star to Adult Slutty Whore

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Miley cyrus didn’t just abandon her Hannah Montana Persona She down right steam rolled over it trying as an adult act to be as lewd,shocking and outrageous as possible and oh yeah.NAKED. she just keeps getting nakeder as time goes by. Can’t wait to a REAL sextape to drop any moment.

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Colin Ferrell and Nicole Narain. Interracial Sextape!

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10 Years ago it appeared that Nicole Narain was on the rise. She was the playmate of the month in playboy in 2002. (A rare feet for a black model in a publication that loves blondes) and she became a go to video ho for videos by LL Cool J, Fabolous and others. But unless you are Beyonce’ Hollywood is a cruel biz for black females. Her star faded very quickly and by 2005 she went from rubbing shoulders with A Listers to being D list at best and a has been, at just 31 years old. She saw how Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian took a sextape and flipped to being two of the most famous socialites on the planet. So Nicole tried to exploit a sextape she made with Colin Farell to try to see if that playboook would work for her. Unfortunately Farell sued to block the distro (on dvd anyway it already leaked on the internet) and in addition his star had faded too with the release of the awful ALEXANDER yawn directed Oliver Stone. So no one was interested in her, people were no longer interested in him and the flick was very wobbly. I think all in all it proves that SEXTAPES DONT WORK FOR BLACK GIRLS the way they work for white girls. What are ya gonna do? What is Nikole doing now, If you know let me know I’ll give her $50 for head!



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