Q: Real French Film With Real Blowjob! Deborah Revy Sucks

Those Freaky French. They are very liberal with there sex in which REAL non porn movies with real story and real plot just so happen to have real sex acts in them and its not even a scandal like it would be in the USA. There seems to be no middle ground in the states. Its either simulated Rated R or its downright porn, and for porno to be relevant its gotta be even more extreme because R rated movies like Monsters Ball looks as explicit as what passed as hardcore like 20 years ago! To the french is like fucking and sucking in a real movie. No sweat. The star here is Deborah Revy a virtual unknown in the US but a respectable actress Peep her **IMDB LIST OF FILMS** she was born in 1987 and has about 6 films to her name in France. I dont care what the plot is about in this FILM called “Q” (she plays a caracther called Cécile) all i know is she sucks a good dick!

deborah revy blowjobdeborah revy blowjob


q movie poster

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Chelsea Handler Sextape

(Chelsea getting hit from the back)
chelsea handler fucking

chelsea lately head Chelease Hanler has had a very successful career in the rough biz of entertainment. In the format of late night talk shows where women have been virtually shut out completely she carved out a niche for herself with quick wit and very good comedic timing and never letting a guest get the best of her. Shes always had a great snappy come back or one liner. Originally from New Jersey she went to LA to seek stardom as a stand up comedian and was damn good at it. Her show ran on E for entertainment since 2007 and is now being syndicated to overseas audiences. The details of the sextape are very contradictory. One version is that it was secretly filmed in an audition with a director to get a job and another version was that it was staged as a parody of sextapes by her. No one really knows the truth but what we do know is that that is her and shes getting hit from the back. THeres also rumors of her having jungle fever and having flings with rappers 50 Cent and Rick Ross. she admits to having sex with him however if there footage it has not yet surfaced yet but we’ll see.

chelsea handler and 50 cent


Chelsea’s Wiki

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Amber Rose Balcony 2015: Plus Leaked Nude and Masturbation Pics

amber rose booty

EDITOR NOTE- 1/20/2015: This is a post updated from 2012 that discussed Amber Rose leaked naked masturbation pics. She stole the moment again with the images of herself on the balcony proving she could bounce back to shape after having a baby. She’s an attention whore and she knows how to grab a headline! Below is that former post and details.

amber rose naked

The rise of Amber Rose has been well documented in terms of the fame. For most of the public, she came on the scene as the eye candy freaky girlfriend of Rapper/Producer Kanye West. Sporting a blonde buzz cut look, you figured she was influenced by Annie Lennox and Grace Jones. And like Grace she was a working model. Amber actually comes from Cape Verde, small islands off the coast of North Africa. since her split with Kanye it was just a stepping stone for her to manipulate the public to get more famous and richer. It worked, shes recogniziable an has a vodka commercial for Smirnoff (They must be trying to fight back against P Diddy’s Ciroc for the urban market). so she seems to know how to work this fame thing. As a model shes 5″9 repped by Creative Artists Agency born in 1982 as Amber Levonchuck shes here to say get used to it. By the way enjoy the leaked nude images of her touching herself. Shes definitely jack off material. I see how Kayne Fell under her spell!

amber rose pussyamber rose masturbate

Amber Roze Wikiepedia Page
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Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin Allegedly REAL SEX In The Get Away

kim basinger sextapekim basinger fucking


Kim Basinger is a complete 180 of another actress of her generation – Julia Roberts. Julie Roberts wouldnt even give you ONE SINGLE NIPPLE while Kim Bassinger got down and dirty and erotic in her films in a way you expect from Euro actresses but A list caliber American stars wouldn’t touch. This means you to Reese Witherspoon. People viewed Kims raw sensual scenes like the provactive and food fetish surprise hit 9 1/2 weeks opposite Mickey Rouke making people think the sex was real. Her and Mick have denied for the last 21 years it was released. However in this less known flick the Get Away the question was raised again. Her scene opposite Alec Baldwin looks like shes putting his cock back in her pussy after it pops out. They were actually married at the time of its release so if the question is, is this scene REAL FUCKING. the answer is maybe!

< a href="http://sextapeblogs.com/?p=603" target="_blank">kim basinger sucking dick


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Vanessa Williams 1984 Nude Pic Scandal

(Vanessa L Williams In Penthouse 1984)
Vanessa Williams Nude

Vanessa Williams miss america For people under 30 the will know Vanessa Williams for her role on Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty. But for those over 30 she will be remembered as the first Black Miss America, a very successful singer (with a #1 pop hit Save the Best for Last) the former wife of NBA star Rick Fox and oh yeah the biggest sex scanal of her era. Vanessa the Undresser was the nickname. She turns 50 this year (2013) and shes still one of the hottest milfs walking the planet. In the pre sextape era before no talent socialites like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian flipped hardcore porn into mainstream success, stuff like posing nude in the 80′s was forbidden for mainstream success… and especially somone in Vanessa’s position. She had just won the crown for Miss America and the first African-American to do so, at 21 and talented. However photos she took when she was 19 resurfaced once she became famous. Not only nude but simulated lesbian (very racy for that Reagan conservative era) the images were sold to Penthouse and published. She resigned her crown an it looked like she was about to be blacklisted and disappeared, but she rebounded as a singer and actress and compared to the wild shit you see on TV, cable and the internet her stuff looks almost PG-13 that was so shocking then. In the era she made the images you didnt have digital cameras or cellphones and the internet wasn’t invented so today ANYONE can get drunk or high, whip out a camera of themselves doing sexual stuff and publish it instantly. In those days you had to get a pro photoguy to shoot it and then someone had to agree to publish it, it could take months if EVER for stuff to leak, but today its just 5 minutes of bad judgement and its out there. (my how things have changed) If you are too young to remember the scandal then check out the pics and see more **MORE PICS ON A SLIDESHOW**

vanessa williams sextapevanessa l williams lesbian

Vanessa’s Wiki Page


More News On The Scandal

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Reese Witherspoon Naked in Movie. Yes it happened.

reese witherspoon xxx

reese witherspoon naked Reece Witherspoon first came onto my radar in her appearance in 1999 film Cruel Intentions which was a guilty pleasure. She was the only voice or reason in a completely dark and titilating game of lust, power and pleasure of rich kids that are self serving, egotisitical and oversexed. Reese has been sort of the Julia Roberts of films but a younger version. She has mostly kept her clothes on and played heart warming caracthers. But like Sandra Bullock theres a few hiccups in her filmography where she said Fuck it and showed those pretty breast in a film with some very nice sex in it. Simulated yes but she doesn’t have any known sextape so I’ll take this.. Enjoy!


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`Kim Kardashian. The Sextape That Made Her Famous 10 Year Anniversary

kim kardashian pornThe megastar rise of Kim Kardashan from ambitious socialite whore and sextoy for D list singer Ray J (the untalented wanna be star and brother of 90′s teen star Brandy) to pimpin this “leaked” tape to becoming an A List star with a family brand name, High rated reality show, A Luxury Box at the superbowl. You have to stop and think sometime. Kym Kardashian is a fucking genius. She is famous for what? Her biological dad was one of the OJ lawyers? Her stepdad is Bruce Jenner, (whos had enough plastic surgery to make him look like a old woman) Is Kim Kardashine talented? Can she sing? Can she dance? Can she act? The answer is No, No, and NO! So shes famous for a sextape with a D list “star”? If doing porn can make you millions then why is the porn industry full of an avalanche of young tricks that do the nastiest, filthiest, dirtiest fucking and sucking orgy gangbangs and get paid maybe $600-800 a scene and are not A list or household names? Thats what makes Mz Kardshian a fucking wunderkind at flipping this thing at selling your soul to be famous, but at least shes selling it HIGH and living like a fucking queen. Using the Playbook from her friend Paris Hilton who invented this how to. The full time porn hoes just aint smart as them are they? if you missed it, or living under a rock check it out!


kim kardashian gif

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Gene Simmons of Kiss has a sextape!

gene simmons sex tape

Even if you don’t any of there songs you DO know who Kiss is. They are infamous for there over top stage shows with all 4 members wearing boots with 6 inch heels and the Makeup! Simmons was the most outlandish member therefore making himself the most famous member. They are also known for crass over commericalism in which you can buy KISS anything. the records themselves but it doesnt stop there. Anything from bedsheets to a KISS coffin can be bought. Simmons claims to have bedded 10,000 women in his lifetime. The life of a rock star. Money for nothing and chicks for free. This is an older Gene doing the nasty with some anonymous chick with way to big fake tits. Enjoy if this is your thing. Based on his rep from his stage image you would think sex with him would be some wild crazy shit with blood and devices but its actually pretty fucking boring. LOL


gene simmons tonguegene simmons porn
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The 2pac Sextape? Its True. May Drop At Any Minute!

2pac sextape

Tupac was a traveling popular musician in his 20′s with freaky groupies all over the place in California. You shouldve guessed there would be some footage out there. You would be right. The 2pac sex flick is forgotten footage of him back in 1991. The time he was down with Digital Underground. The old school novelty rap band based known for there hits Do Whatcha Like and the infamous Humpty Dance. Pac started out as a roadie, then a backup dancer on stage and then eventually a MC getting his first appearance closing on The Same Song A P Funk influenced forgotten track! So in saying all that. The short grainy footage shows Tupac Shakur getting head from some unknown chick, who i bet will surface and make her famous too! On some Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky type shit, the cock sucker gets famous too! When it drops I will be the first to post it. Stay Tuned!

tupac sextape

(2 Pac First Appearance – Same Song 1991)


tupac sextapetupac thug life

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Hollywood Finally Does A Movie About Deepthroat Star Linda Lovelace!

linda lovelace sucking cocklinda lovelace deepthroat

Amanda Seyfried is linda lovelace2012 is the 40th anniversary of the release of the controversial film deepthroat! Based on what it cost to shoot. (allegedly $10,000 and grossing $6 Million in its first theatrical run) its probably the highest grossing movie of all time. It shocked the nation not because it was the first pornographic film but because it was the first fuck film to go totally mainstream and instead of just the seedy “bad part” of town it was playing in LEGIT theatres right along with movies starring Liz Taylor and Paul Newman. Who would’ve thought that porn could go mainstream especially in that time. The star of the film Linda Boreman going by her screen name Linda Lovelace became a household name, showing off some great blowjob skill. The plot was across ridicolous about a woman who couldnt have an orgasm and she goes to see a doctor who explains her clitoris is in her throat so she has to suck cock to get off The Doc played by the infamous Harry Reems. This blockbuster movie didn’t force Hollywood to go completely hardcore but “real” Hollywood movies did get more explicit for example Marlon Brando in Last Tango In Paris. All the glamour faded from what the media called Porn Chic when the government put everyone involved in the film on trail for obscenity. (Norms have really changed Deepthroat almost looks PG compared to the fringe extreme hardcore that has become mainstream hardcore with DP’s, Bukkake, Hogtied and punishment just being another tuesday in the jizz bizz) Linda left the porno game but was forever haunted by her breakout role, even fired from several jobs once her bosses found out about her past. I find this ironic in this modern age people who did porn to get famous – Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian for example- Get the royal treatment and have become celebrities. Unfortunately Linda’s health faded and in her early 50′s she looked 30 years older. She died in a car accident in 2002 and the media’s coverage was just a small blip on the screen and underreported. This is the woman’s whos film influenced pop culture so much that the Richard Nixon Watergate snitch used the code name DEEPTHROAT himself. SO that brings us to the 2013 release of Lovelace Played by Amanda Seyfreid. Allegedly the role was offered to Lindsay Lohan but her wreckless behavior and strange personal issues forced the studio to drop her! It also stars Adam Brody as Harry Reams, Hank Azaria from the Simpsons gets screen time, and no indy sleazy film would be complete without Sharon Stone playing Linda’s mom and Chloë Sevigny playing Rebecca. If you remember Chole sucked REAL COCK in the indy flick Brown Bunny. I guess it would’ve too funny for her to play Lovelace considering she already did her own deepthroat film. For what I gather this biopic will display Linda as a sympathetic figure who was misled by her boyfriend and will betray her as a victim. The film is rated R instead of NC-17 or no rating so im curious to see just how much REAL porn can you get into a legit hollywood movie about porn. The 1997 film Boogie Nights with Mark Walhberg was pretty racy for its day so im curious to see how much full frontal we will get, Im guessing any penetration of any kind is out! Sayfreid said she watched the original film for inspiration about the caracther but im seriously doubting you will see her wrap her lips around any wood in this film. Lets see how they handle it

Linda Lovlace Sucking Dick in DEEPTHORAT
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Lovelace Review: IMDB

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