Kim Kardashian. The Sextape That Made Her Famous 10 Year Anniversary

kim kardashian pornThe megastar rise of Kim Kardashan from ambitious socialite whore and sextoy for D list singer Ray J (the untalented wanna be star and brother of 90′s teen star Brandy) to pimpin this “leaked” tape to becoming an A List star with a family brand name, High rated reality show, A Luxury Box at the superbowl. You have to stop and think sometime. Kym Kardashian is a fucking genius. She is famous for what? Her biological dad was one of the OJ lawyers? Her stepdad is Bruce Jenner, (whos had enough plastic surgery to make him look like a old woman) Is Kim Kardashine talented? Can she sing? Can she dance? Can she act? The answer is No, No, and NO! So shes famous for a sextape with a D list “star”? If doing porn can make you millions then why is the porn industry full of an avalanche of young tricks that do the nastiest, filthiest, dirtiest fucking and sucking orgy gangbangs and get paid maybe $600-800 a scene and are not A list or household names? Thats what makes Mz Kardshian a fucking wunderkind at flipping this thing at selling your soul to be famous, but at least shes selling it HIGH and living like a fucking queen. Using the Playbook from her friend Paris Hilton who invented this how to. The full time porn hoes just aint smart as them are they? if you missed it, or living under a rock check it out!


kim kardashian gif

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Scarlett johansson: The Story Behind The Naked Actress Leaks!

Scarlett Johansson black widow

Scarlett Johannsen was a star but after appearing in the Avengers as Black Widow she went from a strong B+ list to A+++ list and proved she could be a lead in a film like LUCY. 4 years ago she made news before Comic book movies when her naked and nude images hit the web it went viral in mere minutes. Any doubts about there legitamacy (and not just another celebrity fake) were thrown out the door when it was announced that the Feds were investigating how the images got out. After an investigation, they traced it to some dude, who was also trying to hack other stars like Mila Kinus, and Christina Augerila. For legal reasons. My use of the images are for Journalistic purposes to illustrate the story being discussed. Scarlet Jo states the pics were a present for her husband (at the time )Actor Ryan Reynolds (of Green Latern Fame) and were not intended for public use or a scandal. But when you famous like that these are the types of things that happen! Scarlet claims she was embarrased by the images but at least it took the tease away we cant get her naked in a film and theres no hardcore video so i guess this is the best we gonna get. Unlike the Vanessa Hudgens story were theres stuff leaking every other month this one looks very tame in comparison!

Scarlett Johansson nakedScarlett Johansson porn

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Hayley Williams Tiny Little Bee Sting Breast

hayley williams tits

Haley Williams was one of the lesser known c list stars that hacked in the whole Icloud scandal. Better known stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian dominated the news cycles with there leaks that spread like wild fire on tumblr and reddit and other social media (while giving millions of people a vouyerstic look at there favorite stars up close and PERSONAL) but Haley Wiliams didn’t get much of a bump in her popularity. Maybe if her titties were a little bit bigger? LOL. She is the lead singer of the band Paramore and her biggest hit was a guest vocalist on BOB’s Airplanes. shes got a ton of fakes floating around on the net but this is the only confirmed real one known. Ok moving right along


hayley williams headhayley williams in concert

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Lindsay Lohan Poses Nude For Playboy. They Are Feeding The Beast

whatever Playboy paid her, they OVERPAID. This chick on that stuff so bad that she probably just a few months removed from sucking dick in an alley for $20. They just enabled her to finance another year long drug binge, she’ll be broke, unwanted as an actress and desperate again in 2013. Shes got a jones for something hard like Crack, Speed, Or Meth or a mix of all of the above. I see shes trying to channel Marilyn Monroe here, the only thing she has in common with Marilyn is a certain early grave. SAY NO TO DRUGS!

linsey lohan nakedlinsay lohan playboy

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(Lindsey’s Meth Teeth. Not So sexy is it?)
linsay lohan bad teeth

The Ocho Cinco Sextape with Video Ho Waekengo aka Theresa Runyon

ocochinco and wankaego

chad johnson and Wankeago The personal life of Ocho Cinco aka Chad Johnson spun out of control and wide up wrecking his professional life causing the Miami Dolphins to release him during training camp for domestic violence against his wife. With the leaking of his sextape we know now why his reality tv star wifey Evelyn Lozada was so upset because he had been fucking a younger, hotter model. The lovely, ambitious and hands down super hottie Teresa Runyon bka Waekengo. Best known as the feature model in rapper Wacka Flaka’s Round of Applause Video. Shes got that multi-racial appeal and has pushed “non nude” model as far as you can possibly push it. (which means as long as you don’t show the pink or aerolas then its not really naked.. i guess?!?!)

Chad’s wife was already known for having a rep in her tv persona for being bombastic and over the top so when she found out he was bagging this chick you can just imagine how that convesation went.. Are you fucking her? No babe Im not!!. Yes you are Mother Fucker.. Seriously Im not? Fuck you nigga you aint shit and yo mamma aint shit. She hits him with her fist, a pocket book and a shoe. Chad gets mad and gives her a Tyson round house right. The police get called and HES the one getting arrested and losing his gig with the Dolphins. So Chad was it worth it.. You fucked a ho millions of niggas would love to bang and it may have cost you everything, but im sure it was a lot of fun while it lasted. There was video posted at the World Star Hip Hop site thats now been removed due to legal battles with Chad who claims he never wanted to be leaked. But weve heard that story before of the celebs privately leaking footage on purpose and then publicly saying that didn’t. Its so fucking lame. Chad was last seen working out in Miami hugged up with the daughter of informercial shouter Ron Popeil. OcoCinko’s NFL career may be over but The saga of his attention whoring continues

chad johnson and theresa runyon

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Suelyn Medeiros: Super Sexy Brazilian Model Has A Sextape!

Suelyn Medeiros bootySuelyn Medeiros sexy

If you dont think you know Suelyn Mederios you DO Know Suelyn Medarios because youve been seeing her pics all of the internet for about 5-6 years and thinking, WOW shes fap off material. Shes often seen as a model at big time Brasilian sporting events dressed in soccer (Futbol) gear with extra short shorts. Shes got one of the hottest banging bodies you ever seen. Theres accusations of booty hydrogel injections, she made the news this summer for a DUI and shes just an overall attention whore and i dont think that anyone minds that. shes hot enough to turn a gay man straight. It was thought that she was above the road of porn that Monica Mattos, Darlene Amaro and so many other brazilian bitches have fell into.. but NOPE shes been exposed and check out this Clip!


Suelyn Medeiros Soccer

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Love Tenshi: The rise and fall of an attention whore

lovetenshi masturbate

In early 2011 this sexy blasian (black and asian mix) turned up on tumblr and got everyone to pay attention and grab some lube and fap off to her. she just turned 18 and was a sexy multi-cultural mix and as mentioned loved the attention. her self leaked images started out with just showing some nipples, it progressed to showing some vag and then showing the pink sugarwalls and in no time she was posting videos of herself masturbating. Unfortunately she didnt know how to turn into a business properly and get paid for her effort and the obsessed stalkers freaked her out with way over the top harrassment and of course girls whos men got turned out by her was mad too. so within 10 months of her debut she deleted her page, thanked everyone expressed her fustration from stalkers that threatened to cum to her house and disappeared and i guess went into the straight life and is probably in a university today and shes in your class ya never know. I enjoyed her short shot at fame it was a good time while it lasted!


lovetenshi fap off

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Kendra Wilkinson The Leaked Sextape She Couldnt Hide!

kendra wilkerson breast Kendra Wilkinson first got nationally famous as a playboy model who then got invited to become part of Hugh Hefners Harem. He had girlfriend #1, girlfriend #2 and she was girlfriend #3 all at the SAME TIME. it must be good to be that fucking rich and can do whatever the fuck you want. LOL. She eventually left that and hooked up with NFL player Hank Baskett and got a reality show and everything was looking like gravy! but we found that Kendra has a dark secrets. First off she was a druggie admiting to doing hard drugs like cocaine and herion and addicted by age 16, and she also did some pre playboy hardcore that came out the wood work with this unknown male performer. she tried to stop it but vivid got the rights and she decided to just take a piece of the sales. For those of you who thought that Kendra only did the softcore playboy stuff then this one will shock you enjoy the show!

kendra wilkinson pussykendra wilkinson sextape

**Kendra Wilkinson Exposed Sex Tape**

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Kristen Stewart Freaky 3sum Erotic Sex In ON THE ROAD! This Ain’t Twlight

kristen stewart pornkristen stewart tits

Shes a transforming actress and Kristan Stewart is best known to the general public for playing in the Twilight Series of films! Eclipse, New Moon and Breaking Dawn but her acting chops are beyond playing opposite hunky vampires and werewolves. She takes challenging roles like her transformation into Joan Jett (dead on by the way) in the underappreciated 2010 film the Runaways about the 70′s all girl hardrock band and now in 2012 this brings up to ON THE ROAD. which as the title of this thread states shes involved in a 3sum. It’s one of those artsy fartsy independent releases but executived produced by big name Francis Ford Coppola. the film premiered in competition for the Palme d’Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Its based on a novel about the authors Jack Kerouac travels in the 40′s.

kristen Stewart sextape

The Male Leads are played by Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley. There is also a cameo by Kristen Dunst best known as Mary Jane in The First 3 Spiderman movies. But lets face it you could give two fucks about the film or the plot all you care about is the freaky sex and seeing Krissy Stewart in a willing threesome and some sweaty simulated but you wish was real cowgirl cock riding is all you are here for and im giving it to you! Bookmark this blog this is only gonna get better!


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kristen stewart and garett hedlund

Halle Berry In Monsters Ball The Uncut Sex Scene. Looks Real To Me

halle berry sextape

Its 2015 and Halle Berry is still the only black female to win an Oscar for best actress. She “earned” it for her hardcore epic performance in 2001′s Monsters Ball getting her high yella pink pussy gutted by Billy Bob Thortons old wrinkly dick and balls. Its quite ironic that a black woman well bi-racial anyway had to do PORN fucking just to win the Oscar. Dorothy Dandrige, Cicely Tyson, Angela Basset all passed over for XXX. The version in the movie was highly edited but the uncut version looks like dick is going up in a vagina. I have always been outraged but yet so amazed and addicted to this scene. Its so raw there has never been any demand for a Halle Barry Sextape she already has one in an oscar winning performance Check it out The Gif Action at Booty Gif Dot Com


Click Image To See Hale Berry Ride That Old Ass Dick
halle berry hardcore

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