ROSARIO DAWSON GETS RAW?!? Alexander Sucks But She Rocked!

rosario dawson sextape
You didnt think this lusty latina got so “erotic” did you. in a rare nude scene (I cant recall any other Rosoria Dawson sex scenes or nudity in anything elese). you probably never saw it because its excerpts from the film ALEXANDER starring Colin Farell. The movie really sucks and blows chunks. if you saw it you want 2 hours of your life back. Oliver Stone and Colin and a $140 million budget cant save this disaster but you will enjoy the 3 mins scene of Rasario Dawson in her most raw scene ever! the only thing worth watching in the whole disaster they called a movie. Rosorio Dawson got bigger tits you never thought she had and in some knifes, rough sex fetish you dont see much in an R rated Film. its sort of like halle berry geting fucked by Billy Bob Thorton In Monsters Ball. With on screen sex so raw you dont need a low budget wobbly home made fuck film. enjoy!!


rosario dawson gifcollin ferell rosario dawson


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Top 10 List of Pornstars in Mainstream Films: Harlots In Hollywood

(Ray Allen and Chasey Lain In He Got Game)
ray allen sextape


sasha grey entourage In my opinion the separation between hardcore flicks with REAL penetration and mainstream flicks that fake the sex was the invention of the VCR. Before filth became available on home video, you had to go out to a cinema and watch your porn if you wanted to see fucking on film. (and too many times it was the cinema on the bad side of town with sticky floors with substances you just didnt wanna know) But the VCR allowed you to watch porn in private at home and use the remote to skip all the plot and get to the money shot right away! The porn movies pre-vcr were shot with budgets close to real movies with properly trained directors, lighting and sound guys. Real movies budgets went UP with great special effects and full effort at making quality product. Porn movies budgets went DOWN because all you wanted was the low down dirty sex. You get a few arthouse movies that go hardcore but never cross over to mainstream in a meaningful way. A real hollywood studios skip the REAL fucking to not get the NC-17 label which is marketing DEATH for any chance of box office. the main reason they are there to make money! So for now we are just gonna have to deal with the occasional use of REAL pornstars in REAL movies. It gives hollywood some street cred, and more edge from using real naughty girls i guess. So for now there is still a deep divide between the real porn sex and hollywood make believe so i guess that we just need to accept this! oh well heres the list and be sure to google them!

boogie knights fake cock

10. Kobe Tai – Very Bad Things (1998)
4 guys have a bachelor party in Las Vegas when one accidentally kills a stripper/hooker (played by Kobe) and they have to cover it and things just fall apart from them after that. Its a dark comedy that is a cult favorite but a little too dark for the mainstream.

9. Ron Jeremy – Orgazmo (1997)
A Matt Stone and Trey Parker Film about a mormon missionary that somehow stumbles into the world of hardcore porn to fund his wedding. A hilarious fucked up movie that no one has barely seen due to the NC-17 rating but its the South Park guys creation so you know its gonna be outrageous. Dig it up if you can!

8. Charlotte Stokely, Ericka Vuitton, Charmaine Star and Stacy Adams – Black Dynamite (2009)
All 4 have short but very rememorable scenes in this 2009 Blaxploitation flick. There is a previous article at this blog CLICK HERE

7. Jenna Jameson – Private Parts (1997)
A semi-autographical forgettable movie about Shock jock Howard Sterns life and rise to fame. Forgot about the film but i remember her in it!

6. Vanessa Del Rio – Soul Men (2008)
Bernie Mac plays a washed up soul singer that is fading away into a boring retirement but discovers the busty latina next door. She goes cowgirl on him and I don’t think hes ready for it in a very funny scene.

5. Stormy Daniels – 40 year Old Virgin (2005)
Appears in the box of porn when Space Nuts is watched in a fantasy jack off dream sequence in this comedy classic

4. Aurora Snow and Jenna Haze – Super Bad (2007)
Both won AVN performer of the year award so big names in there field in a mainstream smash! In the unrated version of bonus material they appear in a romp called ‘Vagtastic girls’. Go rent the unrated version and watch this. Apparently Judd Apatow Loves His porn chicks he uses them in every film he ever made!

3. Jilly Kelly and Chasey Lain – He Got Game (1996)
Ray Allen plays a highly recruited highschool basketball player and on a campus visit his guide played by Rick Fox turns him on to two hot coeds that fuck his brains out! Its good to be the king!

2. Sasha Grey – The Girlfriend Experience (2009)
One of the rare occasions of an Active pornstar being used in a lead role in this Steven Soderbergh film about a high priced call girl in Manhattan. Definitely a step up for Sascha considering shes done the SUPER HARDCORE scenes like swallowing the cum of 15 guys in a ruthless oral orgy. She retired from hardcore in 2010 to pursue more mainstream material. This movie was shot for 1 million and made 1.1 mill. So its tepid box office isnt going to start a wave of real porn whores leading real movies. She also had a recurring role in Cable TV’s Entourage!

1. Nina Hartley – Boogie Knights (1997)
Nina plays the wife of the sound guy in funny bit where shes fucking everybody on the set EXCEPT him. he actually catches her in the act repeatedly and SHES the one thats mad at him for embarrasing her! thats some fucked up logic. Of course it doesn’t end well.

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Eva Mendes: Dick Tease? No. Theres some nudity out there

eva mendes naked

Above is a gif of Eve Mendas in the oscar winning films Training Day playing The side piece of crooked cop played by Denzel Washington. I’ve always found her acting to be stale and plain and lacking any depth whatsoever but I have found her to be sexy as fuck. Which is the same thing the casting directors see which explains why she keeps getting work despite being so fucking bland. A true latina beauty she is but theres lots of them on casting couches so unless shes shows some type of Jennifer Lawrence acting range then i have no use for her unless she gets naked as possible instead of trying to be the Spanish version of Julia Roberts giving us no nudity no time, nothing ever bullshit. If there is any other nude scene or confirmed sextape leak of her let me know because I don’t think there is anything else out there. this chick is downright purdish but its nice to see her stripped down.


eva mendes erotic
**Eva’s Wiki Page**

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Jennifer Connelly The Ass To Ass Dildo Lesbo Orgy Explicit Sex Scene!

jennifer connelly ass to ass

B list actress Jennifer Connley is not a household name but at the same time shes not the struggling only working every 3 years type of actress either. Shes that supporting actress in many films youve seen before. not the lead but always in the background adding flavor to the plot. Shes been in films like Higher Learning, A Beautiful Mind, and Blood Diamond. Shes been nominated and WON the Best supporting actress oscar for Beautiful Mind which was AFTER the steamy scene shown here, so she wasnt typecast as a sextape whore. She just turned 40 in 2011 and the work hasnt dryed up because the industry respects her. And that brings us to

    Requiem for a Dream

This art house favorite has an ensemble cast with the plot about drug addiction and the situations (which are desirable) people find themselves in while addicted. Jennifer plays Marion Silver. And as the scene clearly shows you shes a stripper/showgirl/porn hooker who gets paid to perform to rowdy crowds of horny men and in this steamy wild scene she goes ass to ass dildo stunt cock ride with another chick to the entertainment of some dudes. Not your typical family brand of entertainment. It went there and in return it wasnt submitted to the MPAA so it wasnt given a rating but with material like this it wouldve easily been given the NC-17. But i guess that wasnt the point to be a pop corn flick to get big box office but intended to be a film for the sake of Art over commerce. It made just $3 million and im guessing it was shot for a little bit less than that but it stands up as great PORN.. uh art. Enjoy!


Requiem for a Dream sexjennifer connelly porn

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Requiem for a Dream Marlon wayans

Antonia Thomas: British Biracial Hottie Pushes Your Buttons!

Antonia Tomas is not very known in the USA but shes a rising star in the United Kingdom. She plays the female lead on the Hit TV show The Misfits were she plays the role of Alisha Bailey. The show is best described as a Science Fiction Drama Comedy molding all those genres into one hit show on BBC. I never got into british shows all i know is that the chicks are hot, virtually all of the female primary caracthers are sexy biracials like Ms Thomas and its also true that UK television lets a lot more sexy scenes slide on primetime than you will ever see on American TV for show! I kind of view as the show HEROES but but naughtier! The Misfits show is packed with all kinds of simulated sex and it just pushes the demand for a real sextape of Antonie Thomas that much higher. Enjoy the tease but lets hope something real drops soon! I find her incredibly sexy.

antonia thomas blowjob


antonia thomas bathroom sex
antonia thomas breast

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The Keyshia Cole Sexting Pics is not her but a Lookalike!

keyshia cole headshot Keshia Cole may have the best voice of her generation and she is so ghetto that it just seems to fit with her hood fanbase. Her star really rose around 2006 and her dysfunctional reality show kept the ball rolling but something is really missing to put her over the top. A GOOD OLE FASHION sextape and when images leaked of a tatted overweaved ghetto leaked sucking a dick, everyone immediately thought it was Keyshia Cole and for good reason.. all the tats seem to appear match and any reasonable person would believe that Ms Cole was busted but sorry to rain on the parade but its NOT her! A woman came forward named Mari Lynn and admitted it was her from images leaked by her ex-boyfriend. So K Cole is off the hook but it just makes you wish for REAL images leaked of her so i can see her sex action or at least let us seem them juicy ass breast.

(Keshia Cole Sexting Leak??)
keyshia cole blowjobkeyshia cole big tits

keyshia cole bet awards


(Keyshia lookalike Mari Linn)
keyshia cole Mari Lynn

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  • For legal purposes this report is for journalistic purposes only!
  • Sextape Throwback: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee From the 90′s

    pamela anderson blowjob

    The 2003 sextape “leak” of Paris Hilton is the mother of the modern sextape as a scandal to get attention to advance a career as a marketing strategy. (successfully exploited by Kim Kardashian in 2005) but the first MAJOR sextape scandal was the 1995 Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee honeymoon footage. It looks so grainy from copies of copies from the VHS format being converted to digital now but it was something extremely skanless for its time.. Pamela was famous from Baywatch fame and Tom as the drummer of Heavy Metal act Motly Crue. People thought this leak would be the exception instead of the rule but when the internet and the low cost of cell phones and video cameras became cheap the sextape became the NORM and you werent really famous unless you did have one.. Check out the throwback and enjoy when Pam was actually hot!


    pamela anderson tommy lee hardcore

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    Chloe Sevigny Sucks Cock In “Real” Indie Movie!

    You may recognize Chloë Sevigny from her emmy winning role In Big Love She is one of those serious actresses thats completely into her roles and if the role provides she got raw, dirty and nasty then she says NO PROBLEM. Its not your typical Safe actress like Cameron Diaz, Brooke Shields or Julia Roberts back in the day who refused nudity, used body doubles. you couldnt get even one aerola out of these chicks. Then theres Cloe Sevigniy. who..


    No grainy amatuer sextape is need of Clhoe Sevginy. she already has one in her real job. The raunchy blowjob of her deepthroating cock gagging is from the Indie Film BROWN BUNNY. The guy getting pleasures is Joe Gallo who wrote, directed and starred as the lead caracther. If you can write a scene about getting a blowjob and get a credible actress to liplock your cock, then life must be good! Like Halle Berry in Monsters Ball, somebody convinced to do porn for art. They will show you film at the Sundance film festival, the critics will call you edgy, you get to be naughty and film your sextape and get paid and pull it off as for the sake of art! I have no idea what the plotline is about in Brown Bunnie and i dont care, of the films 93 mins all i care about is 4 minutes of her getting her Linda Lovelace on! She always does the controversial, weird, and arty stuff other actresses are afraid to touch. The William Morris Agency dropped her after the appearance but she went on to win an emmy for big love so she gets the last laugh! Now how about some more throat work Chloe. I’ll hire you for my ART film, but i wont wait to the last scene to get your lips on my wood!

    Chloe Sevigny blowjob gif
    Chloe Sevigny naked


    Chloë Sevigny suck cockChloë Sevigny throat fuck

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    brown bunny chloe suck dickchloe sevigny head

    Black Dynamite Blaxploitation Spoof With Real Pornstar Cameos: Charmane Star, Charlotte Stokley, Ericka Vuitton, and Stacy Adams

    Starring Michael Jai White as the lead in 2009 Black Dynamite became an instant cult classic. It spoofed the 1970′s blaxploitation flicks like Shaft, Superfly, All the Pam Grier movies but especially DOLEMITE aka Rudy Ray Moore. This film is absolutely hilarious because they did it tongue in cheek, Making the final product actually look like a 1970′s film With low budget, awful camera shaking, bad acting, and a script full of holes. But at the end of the day it always ends with them out to take down the MAN! Keen Ivory Wayans 1989 masterpiece Im Going To Get You Sucka was excellent too but Black Dynamite is probably even better!

    charlotte stoley, charmaine star, ericka vuitton black dynamite

    The movie has appearances by Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davidson, and former NBA player John Sally. But what steals the show is cameo appearances by REAL PORNSTARS. In Black Dynamites opening intro montage he is having a rainbow orgy with Black girl Ericka Vuitton (with the big fucking tits), Asian Charmane Star and Blonde Charlotte Stokley. About 40 mins in theres another scene when he goes to the doctor after being injured and seduces the big breasted nurse Jenny played by the infamous Ghetto Gaggers star Stacy Adams and hes about to knock her off before the doctor interrupts! If Michael Jay knew that she got completely destroyed in Geto Gaggers do you think he would touch her? LOL> Enjoy the show!

    stacey adams black dynamite tits

    Black Dynamite Critical Feedback
    Black Dynamite The Animated Series

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    Hardcore Of All 4 star Porn Stars In The Film: (From L to R and top to bottom)
    Erica Vutton, Sharmane Starr, Charlotte Stackley, & Stacie Adams (Click ‘em4 more)

    erika vuttoin reverse cowgirlcharmane starr anal
    stacy adams doggystylecharlotte stokley Deepthroat

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    black dynamite dvd

    Lesbian Strap On Scene in Mainstream Dutch Movie! Noomi Rapace Fucked By Trine Dyrholm

    dutch movie strap on gif

    You dont get these type of wild fetish scenes in American mainstream Films. Occasional you will get an arthouse left field tragedy like Requiem For a Dream with Jennifer Connelly in her ass to ass dildo scene that is more famous on the internet then it is in film noire. Which brings us to this Dutch film called Daisy Diamond It stars Dutch Actress Trine Dyrholm (with the strap on) and Swedish Actress Noomi Rapace (Getting fucked) in this 2007 film IMDB describes it like this A tragic story about Anna who dreams of one thing only: making it as an actress. She moves from Sweden to Copenhagen to pursue her dream. But fate has something else in store for her. Though she struggles to give her 4 month old daughter a good start in life, she ultimately fails to unite her dream of acting with a safe and loving environment for her child, culminating in a desperate act that has fatal consequences for Anna and her daughter In other words its a story about what happens to an actress that doesn’t make it as an actress and results to some freaky shit to pay the bills which is usually the reality in real life. So instead of sitting through 2 hours of subtitles and being bored by the deep thought in this story lets just show you the good part!


    (Tryne Dyrholm)
    Trine Dyrholm

    (Naomi Rapace)
    Noomi Rapace

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