Jennifer Lawrence With Cum On Her Face. WTF? Hunger Games For Sperm

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jennifer lawrence headshot These images have been floating around the interwebs for a while and if i didn’t know any better i could swear that this is Jennifer Lawrence with semen all over face with a big wad of cum in her mouth.The images of her with her finger in her mouth are undeniably her and the cum close ups seem to be the same woman with the same backgrounds taking a huge load of man milk. This image has never been refuted and its making the rounds just like her confirmed hacked icloud image. Shes a great actress but not the sharpest nail in the box in the security of her privacy. Enjoy fapping to the biggest rising young star in hollywood.

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Halle Berry In Monsters Ball The Uncut Sex Scene. Looks Real To Me

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Its 2015 and Halle Berry is still the only black female to win an Oscar for best actress. She “earned” it for her hardcore epic performance in 2001′s Monsters Ball getting her high yella pink pussy gutted by Billy Bob Thortons old wrinkly dick and balls. Its quite ironic that a black woman well bi-racial anyway had to do PORN fucking just to win the Oscar. Dorothy Dandrige, Cicely Tyson, Angela Basset all passed over for XXX. The version in the movie was highly edited but the uncut version looks like dick is going up in a vagina. I have always been outraged but yet so amazed and addicted to this scene. Its so raw there has never been any demand for a Halle Barry Sextape she already has one in an oscar winning performance


Click Image To See Hale Berry Ride That Old Ass Dick
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(Hall Berry Does Porn??)
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Russian Milk Ads: Not so subliminal porn

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If you studied sigmund frued in college then you learned all about sexual archetypes, penis envy, the subconcious and the ego, superego and the ID. Advertisers have mined that type of research in a way to tap the deepest human emotions in the repitilian brain at the deep id, to pimp your pleasure principle with the goal of selling you STUFF it might be cars, beer, or in this case MILK. Doesn’t really matter they are going to mind the alleys of your deepest thoughts and desires to make a profit. The phrase sex sells is true but you can’t just crudely package sex, thats simply just straight up porn that gets pushed underground and labels you and supresses the profit stream for the big goal. The way to really doing is subliminal advertising. The North American GOT MILK campaign was brilliant. It only showed a dash of milk as mustache. Just a small little Fruedian CUMSHOT. Enough for your brain to interpet something dirty but in mass media to pass as something harmless and G rated. And it sold a LOT of milk with celebs lining up to volunteer for the exposure from the ads and get there FACIAL too. As you can see in European standards in this Russian Milk Adthe sexual concept gets expanded from a small semen splash of milk to a full drenched sperm (milk) bukkake. Shot by photographer Alena Nikiforov they went wayyy over the top I guess in there culture not that big of a deal, very artistic but in our culture in America i dont think this would be allowed on the air. But remember what I said about “innocent” advertising that has something dirty underneath to sell you, that model drinking milk, or eating cherries or having too much fun with a bannana, is never innocent!


**Japanese Bukkake Milk: Parody Yes Or No?**

**Milk Or Cum Avalanche? You Decide**

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Jennifer Connelly The Ass To Ass Dildo Lesbo Orgy Explicit Sex Scene!

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B list actress Jennifer Connley is not a household name but at the same time shes not the struggling only working every 3 years type of actress either. Shes that supporting actress in many films youve seen before. not the lead but always in the background adding flavor to the plot. Shes been in films like Higher Learning, A Beautiful Mind, and Blood Diamond. Shes been nominated and WON the Best supporting actress oscar for Beautiful Mind which was AFTER the steamy scene shown here, so she wasnt typecast as a sextape whore. She just turned 40 in 2011 and the work hasnt dryed up because the industry respects her. And that brings us to

    Requiem for a Dream

This art house favorite has an ensemble cast with the plot about drug addiction and the situations (which are desirable) people find themselves in while addicted. Jennifer plays Marion Silver. And as the scene clearly shows you shes a stripper/showgirl/porn hooker who gets paid to perform to rowdy crowds of horny men and in this steamy wild scene she goes ass to ass dildo stunt cock ride with another chick to the entertainment of some dudes. Not your typical family brand of entertainment. It went there and in return it wasnt submitted to the MPAA so it wasnt given a rating but with material like this it wouldve easily been given the NC-17. But i guess that wasnt the point to be a pop corn flick to get big box office but intended to be a film for the sake of Art over commerce. It made just $3 million and im guessing it was shot for a little bit less than that but it stands up as great PORN.. uh art. Enjoy!


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Zoe Saldana Tasteful Nude Pics?

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Zo Saldana seems to be the go to girl for comic book action movies and sci-fi. She is in 3 franchises already with Star Trek, Avatar and most recently Guardians of the Galaxy but she also starred in the lesser seen The Losers. Who the fuck is her agent? 99% of the actresses working today would kill to get just one of those roles. Anyway Zoe Slanda has given no real actual nudes in her films. Other than finger banging Mila Kunis in the indy film After Sex shes not explored her sexuality that much on film so if we get an implied nude like this in Allure magazine we should just take it especially since she was one of the few celebs that didn’t cum through on the Icloud hack of 2014. Enjoy.

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Scarlett johansson: The Story Behind The Naked Actress Leaks!

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Scarlett Johannsen was a star but after appearing in the Avengers as Black Widow she went from a strong B list actress to A list and proved she could be a lead in a film like LUCY. 4 years ago she made news before Comic book movies when her naked and nude images hit the web it went viral in mere minutes. Any doubts about there legitamacy (and not just another celebrity fake) were thrown out the door when it was announced that the Feds were investigating how the images got out. After an investigation, they traced it to some dude, who was also trying to hack other stars like Mila Kinus, and Christina Augerila. For legal reasons. My use of the images are for Journalistic purposes to illustrate the story being discussed. Scarlet Jo states the pics were a present for her husband (at the time )Actor Ryan Reynolds (of Green Latern Fame) and were not intended for public use or a scandal. But when you famous like that these are the types of things that happen! Scarlet claims she was embarrased by the images but at least it took the tease away we cant get her naked in a film and theres no hardcore video so i guess this is the best we gonna get. Unlike the Vanessa Hudgens story were theres stuff leaking every other month this one looks very tame in comparison!

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The Sextape As Shameless Promotion Tool: Blame It On Paris Hilton

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you’ve heard the story a million times. The heiress to Hilton Hotels. a 90210 socialite with no talent but loves attention plus off a ridicolus caper to get more attention. Shes already rich but she wants to be famous but with no real talent to get famous about. So what do you do? you make some “private” dirty home made films with night vision and then they just so happen to “leak” just a week before the release of your reality show? Theres probably thousands of hoes working as porn actresses to pay the rent so why is she different? the difference is she wasnt a pay for play, but a rich girl moonlighting as a porn girl and linked to a rich to do family so its a scandal. Paris flipped this back in 2003 and gets paid handsomely at public events, launched a fragrance, Calendars and even put out an album (that thankfully tanked) she gave this same playboook to Kim Kardashian who did the same thing “leak” a sextape and catapult the scandal to more fame. Its all marketing, sell your soul and your privacy in exchange for fame. The Devil must be proud. But what does it say about our society when rich spoiled socialities with no decipherable talents get more rich and more famous for being porn whores? Now an untold number of regular middle class girls are busy trying to make a tape thinking it will make them famous but in reality it will just be a tarnish on there reputation for the rest of there life, if they ever try to do anything of importance in the future. Run for mayor or city council or something higher in 2030? hey wasnt that you doing fellatio on webcam back in 2012? Things are getting more liberal but even then i dont think thats gonna fly? What a world we live in, As for me, I dont care about all the other reality shows and clothing lines and what not i just want to see them sucking that dick and im happy.

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Lady Gaga From Burlesque stripper to big time musical powerhouse!

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lady gaga sextapesStefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga is a real weirdo. She was one of those FAME school kids of the performing arts that only dreamed of being famous from performing and nothing else. Shes been compared to a younger up to date Madonna but its more than just that.. she likes the arena rock of Queen and the androgyny of the ultimate reinvention man himself David Bowie. Throw in some euro house influenced tracks and you got her. Shes had so many wardrobe malfunctions that its not even funny anymore. She was doing some stripping for cash under the guise of burlesque and also doing underground doing the small clubs of the New York City club circuit and many labels looked at her and passed ironically AKON of all people signed her to his label and he will never have to work again from this critical business move. IT was like LA Reid signing PINK. Put her out there get the fuck out the way and cash the checks. there were rumors that Stef had a dick or was a hermaphrodite which turned out to be not be true she just has some really big pussy lips

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Ashley Green From Twlight Movies. Hacked Cell Phone Nudes

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You know Ashley Greene she is famous for playing Alice Cullen in the Twlight films. That appears to be at the height of her star because after that she sunk to basically a D list actress and not appearing in anything note worthy for the last 4 years. These legit nudes from the Icloud hack are probably the best thing that happened to her to let people know shes still fucking alive. Unlike her peers Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart (also of Twlight) shes not getting the roles a sexy 20 something pretty white girl should be getting. Hey if this hollywood actress thing is working out theres always porn. The saving grace for every wanna be star thats not getting work and doesn’t want to move back to Kansas!

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Love Tenshi: The rise and fall of a tumblr attention whore

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In early 2011 this sexy blasian (black and asian mix) turned up on tumblr and got everyone to pay attention and grab some lube and fap off to her. she just turned 18 and was a sexy multi-cultural mix and as mentioned loved the attention. her self leaked images started out with just showing some nipples, it progressed to showing some vag and then showing the pink sugarwalls and in no time she was posting videos of herself masturbating. Unfortunately she didnt know how to turn into a business properly and get paid for her effort and the obsessed stalkers freaked her out with way over the top harrassment and of course girls whos men got turned out by her was mad too. so within 10 months of her debut she deleted her page, thanked everyone expressed her fustration from stalkers that threatened to cum to her house and disappeared and i guess went into the straight life and is probably in a university today and shes in your class ya never know. I enjoyed her short shot at fame it was a good time while it lasted!


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