Lesbian Strap On Scene in Mainstream Dutch Movie! Noomi Rapace Fucked By Trine Dyrholm

Noomi Rapace strap on gif

You dont get these type of wild fetish scenes in American mainstream Films. Occasional you will get an arthouse left field tragedy like Requiem For a Dream with Jennifer Connelly in her ass to ass dildo scene that is more famous on the internet then it is in film noire. Which brings us to this Dutch film called Daisy Diamond It stars Dutch Actress Trine Dyrholm (with the strap on) and Swedish Actress Noomi Rapace (Getting fucked) in this 2007 film IMDB describes it like this A tragic story about Anna who dreams of one thing only: making it as an actress. She moves from Sweden to Copenhagen to pursue her dream. But fate has something else in store for her. Though she struggles to give her 4 month old daughter a good start in life, she ultimately fails to unite her dream of acting with a safe and loving environment for her child, culminating in a desperate act that has fatal consequences for Anna and her daughter In other words its a story about what happens to an actress that doesn’t make it as an actress and results to some freaky shit to pay the bills which is usually the reality in real life. So instead of sitting through 2 hours of subtitles and being bored by the deep thought in this story lets just show you the good part!


(Tryne Dyrholm)
Trine Dyrholm

(Naomi Rapace)
Noomi Rapace

Noomi Rapace sextape

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Kate Upton Naked Pics and Sextape Hacked With Justin Verlander

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The full figured goddess Kate Upton is one of my favorite models ever. She is letting white girls worlwide know that THICK is in. I never liked those skinny ass tramps like Kate Moss parading around like they are the shit when they so starved looking that someone needed to hand them a ham sandwich. The juicy tits and ass on Katie Upton was already fap worthy and then we got a gift wit the nortorius celebrity hacking of 2014. It was too big to put a lid on it. Literally dozens and dozens of Celebrities from A list superstars like Jennifer Lawrence to your D list hoes got there phones hacked. They were silly enough to do some really naughty stuff and record it on video and pics. These images and clips are hosted to an Icloud server that of course got hacked and then put on the internet. Once you got it out there is like Wack a mole. Once something pops up on Redit or Tumblr and its taken down for Terms of Service another 10 links are being put up to take its place. Anywho, one of the biggest victims is Ms Kateupton which I am blabbing about here. Not only do we have pics we have video of her riding her boyfriend, Justin Verlander the professional Baseball Player, reverse cowgirl style. The i-cloud hack may have been an invasion of privacy. But I say if you don’t won’t it to get out on the internet then don’t record your sex life.



kate upton and Justin Verlander
kate upton breast

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Cocaine Lorraine. Internet Model Cum Facial Leaks.

cocaine lorraine facial
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If you are not familiar with this model, shes basically a video ho and groupie and all around THOT, that has attempted to steal the limelight due to her exotic look. Shes got freckles and tight curves and is actually pretty fucking cute. Shes been walking around like she a star but it appears she got caught out there in some industry crazy shit like they all do. This image surfaced of her clearly glazed by some man milk sperm bukkake action trying her into a cum bucket. Wow. I hope it was worth it. Theres not denying its her due to the roman numeral tat on the left shoulder. So Loraine how much for 15 minutes of those juicy lips on my wood? and Can I paint your face white and drain my balls all over your pretty face, ghetto gaggers style? But thats not all theres all a very briefWebcam Black Sluts“>**COCAINE LORRAINE SEXTAPE**

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New England Tight End Rob gronkowski Hangs With Porn Whore Bibi Jones

Football coaches hate bye weeks and downtime for there players. Do you blame them? These dudes average 24 years old, have a pocket full of money and groupies, family members, and yes PORNSTARS cant wait to exploit them. They are athletically superior but nobody said Mentally. Rob Gronkowski is the starting Tight End for the New England Patriots and on there bye week instead of studying film, nursing injuries or going over the playbook he was hanging with this petite porn whore Bibi Jones. A 20 year old sexy lil blonde. And he was stupid enough to upload these pics on Twitter. He had to apologize to the owner for this one. So far no images or video of sex have leaked YET. but you never know stay posted!

Rob gronkowski nude

Rob gronkowski bibi jones

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Rob gronkowski Pornbibi jones sextape

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Amber Rose Actual Sextape Video? For reals?

amber rose porn

The nude photos of Amber Roze have already been confirmed as early as 2011. And as you might expect it was some freaky stuff with her spread eagle and masturbating. Very juicy stuff but it gets better. This low res vid shows a woman with that buzz cut shes known for doing the nasty with some unkown guy and he nuts all over her booty at the end. Is this Amber Rose. Sure the fuck looks like her. Its been floating around for a while and with no denials from her camp. I guess its that time after Kanye and before Wiz Kalifa that she got caught sexing on hidden camera or maybe shes an exhibitionist and she wants us to look. Is it her? You Decide.

**Amber Rose Fucking On Film?**

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Alicia Smiles in Exploited Black Teens is NOT Nicki Minaj

alici smiles blowjobnicki minaj alicia smiles

If Nikki Menaj had a sextape i dont think it would really surprise anybody. She seems so fucking thirsty to get popular and stay that way that she will do anything. Lets do the checklist.
1. She emulated the fuck out of Lil Kim in her early days 2007-2008 even copying some of Kims most iconic images like with the lollipop squat
2. She claims to be bi-sexual now that its the popular In thing
3. Did the nip slip on Good Morning America performance.
4. Started imitating Lady Gaga with shock now imitating Riahanna with Euro Dance House music.
5. Can’t let go of that damn Auto Tune to stay in key when she tries to “sing”

So add all that up and you have a very annoying name star so why not a sextape. The footage above has taken on Urban Legend status that it is the Nikki Minaj sex tape. The story goes that before she got discovered by Lil Wayne Weezy for this rap thing, she did some porn to pay for that semesters tuition under the name Alisha Smiles. and the model in this video has the right skin tone, and hair style and T and A to give you the impression that its Niki Menej Undercover filthy. But its NOT her, this footage has been at the Exploited Black Teens website since 2005 and this girl is STACKED the REAL Nicki aka Onika Tanya Maraj showed up in mixtapes around 2007 with not much body at all, and apparently with the help of Young Money marketing and cosmetics they uppped her bra strap from a small B to a full D cup and got that ass from 36 at best to around 42 inches of bubble butt. So it cant be THE Nicki Manaj because Nick wasnt that thick back in 2005. Its another ONE AND DONE porn performer that resembles her. The same thing is true of The Porn performer Lavish Styles who closely resembles Riahanna. And what do the publishers of EXPLOITED BLACK TEENS DOT COM have to say? They have kept mum about it because it drives traffic to there site, They name all of the girls fucking on film at there site EXCEPT Alicia Smiles, therefore not falsely outing Nicki Monaj and getting sued for defamation but leaving the door open to the fans that it COULD be. How clever! enjoy the show but at least you have the real info.!

**NOT Nicki Minaj Sex Tape**


(Sorry Alicia Smiles IS not Nicki Minaj)
nicki minaj sextape

Creepy Text Theatre! With Sasha Grey. Porn Whore Attempts Mainstream Success!

(sasha grey looking innocent here)
sasha grey youtube

(but no so much here)
sasha grey black blowjobsasha grey throat fucksasha grey lesbian bukkake

Do you really know Sasha Grey She is a slutty depraved porn whore. She got into porn not one day later than her 18th birthday and fucked, sucked, pissed, fetsihed, bukkaked and did every disgusting act known to man to rise to the top of the xxx film industry and win the AVN performer of the year and after just 5 years of pure filth announced she was retiring. Unlike most slutz of her variety she is attempting to do a cross over into mainstream films and positioning herself as a brand. The exploits of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton has fueled the head of every little cum bucket in socal to think they can be a whore and a star! Lets get real here, Sascha Gray didnt just dip her toe into porn she won the performer of the year which is like an oscar for best actress in her field. Her films included her getting beat to she got welts in some rough BDSM and even drinking her own piss. Yes she drank her own urine. Ms Grey was able to flip her career guest starring in Entourage and a low budget film called the Girlfriend Experience (playing a call girl) post porn shes been trying to be a DJ and got another role in another B movie opposite washed actor Elijah Wood in Open Windows. Shown here is her in a Youtube channel called Creepy Text Theatre where she reenacts real texts with lewd comments she says NO to but in her porn career 2008-2013 she only said YES to. Don’t let this lil tramp fool you shes a pornography prostitute and will always be you can’t wash off the jizz cum blast on her, its permament.


sasha grey anal gifsasha gray cum bucket

(all of these are Sasha Grey shes tainted for fucking life)

sasha grey double pentetrationsasha grey anal gif
(catching cum from Vanessa Monet’s asshole. Seriously?)

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Jennifer Lawrence With Cum On Her Face. WTF? Hunger Games For Sperm

jennifer lawrence blowjobjennifer lawrence bukkake

jennifer lawrence headshot These images have been floating around the interwebs for a while and if i didn’t know any better i could swear that this is Jennifer Lawrence with semen all over face with a big wad of cum in her mouth.The images of her with her finger in her mouth are undeniably her and the cum close ups seem to be the same woman with the same backgrounds taking a huge load of man milk. This image has never been refuted and its making the rounds just like her confirmed hacked icloud image. Shes a great actress but not the sharpest nail in the box in the security of her privacy. Enjoy fapping to the biggest rising young star in hollywood.

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Nicki Minaj Cum On Tits. Is that her? The tat matches

This image has been floating around on the web for a while. A female with augmented (fake) tits, copper skinned with a vertical left arm tat in chinese has cum on her chin dripping on her chest. Everything on this matches the rapper/pop star Nikki Minaj but with the image cut off just above her lips we can’t confirm it. Is she doing this shit on purpose to manipulate the media for more attention or does some random sleazy whore getting labeled to be Nicki when its just by chance she looks similar? Inquiring minds want to know!

nicki minaj cumshot
nicki minaj big tits

nicki minaj big titsnikki minaj big booty

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Vanessa Hudgens. Disney Chick Sheds Squeaky Clean Image Drops Naked Photos!

vanessa hudgens pussy

  • Vanessa Hudgens had some images leak in 2010 ruining her disney image. She apologized for it and said she had cleaned up her act but that wasn’t the case. When the 2014 Icloud hack (the biggest fappening ever happened) she was caught up in that with more silly naked selfie shots like she had learned nothing from her adventure 5 years ago. Below is the original article as printed:
  • Why do people shoot naked photos of themselves if they want them to leak. Someone shouldve told Vanessa Huggens Maybe shes just a stupid spoiled whore who dont know any better. Or tired of the goody goody image? whatever these shots are pretty damn raw, considering the image shes protrayed in her career. Showing the pink pussy and kissing another girl, She appears to be taking her fame for granted and wasnt meant to be a Hollywood A lister and is more suited to be some trailer park trash turned Extacsy popping porn ho! The images have been confirmed that its her but even more controversial is the VIDEO that has never been officially confirmed. But it shows a chick with those perky bee stings that appears to be Nasty Nessa getting pummelled by some middle age looking unknown man. It sure aint Zac Efron. You be the judge if the vid is real too!According to ETHNIC CELEBS DOT COM Ness Hudgens is Irish, Native American, Filipino, Spanish and Chinese. So with that mix it probably means shes a hard drinking, spanish speaking slut who will love you long time. LOL

    vanessa hudgens titsvanessa hudgens perky breast

    (is this her too?)

    vanessa hudgens lesbian

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    (Vanessa is not that innocent as she looks)
    vanessa hudgens naughtyvanessa hudgens self pic

    “I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends.”

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