Kendra Wilkinson The Leaked Sextape She Couldnt Hide!

kendra wilkerson breast Kendra Wilkinson first got nationally famous as a playboy model who then got invited to become part of Hugh Hefners Harem. He had girlfriend #1, girlfriend #2 and she was girlfriend #3 all at the SAME TIME. it must be good to be that fucking rich and can do whatever the fuck you want. LOL. She eventually left that and hooked up with NFL player Hank Baskett and got a reality show and everything was looking like gravy! but we found that Kendra has a dark secrets. First off she was a druggie admiting to doing hard drugs like cocaine and herion and addicted by age 16, and she also did some pre playboy hardcore that came out the wood work with this unknown male performer. she tried to stop it but vivid got the rights and she decided to just take a piece of the sales. For those of you who thought that Kendra only did the softcore playboy stuff then this one will shock you enjoy the show!

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**Kendra Wilkinson Exposed Sex Tape**

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Kristen Stewart Freaky 3sum Erotic Sex In ON THE ROAD! This Ain’t Twlight

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Shes a transforming actress and Kristan Stewart is best known to the general public for playing in the Twilight Series of films! Eclipse, New Moon and Breaking Dawn but her acting chops are beyond playing opposite hunky vampires and werewolves. She takes challenging roles like her transformation into Joan Jett (dead on by the way) in the underappreciated 2010 film the Runaways about the 70′s all girl hardrock band and now in 2012 this brings up to ON THE ROAD. which as the title of this thread states shes involved in a 3sum. It’s one of those artsy fartsy independent releases but executived produced by big name Francis Ford Coppola. the film premiered in competition for the Palme d’Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Its based on a novel about the authors Jack Kerouac travels in the 40′s.

kristen Stewart sextape

The Male Leads are played by Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley. There is also a cameo by Kristen Dunst best known as Mary Jane in The First 3 Spiderman movies. But lets face it you could give two fucks about the film or the plot all you care about is the freaky sex and seeing Krissy Stewart in a willing threesome and some sweaty simulated but you wish was real cowgirl cock riding is all you are here for and im giving it to you! Bookmark this blog this is only gonna get better!


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kristen stewart and garett hedlund

Halle Berry In Monsters Ball The Uncut Sex Scene. Looks Real To Me

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Its 2015 and Halle Berry is still the only black female to win an Oscar for best actress. She “earned” it for her hardcore epic performance in 2001′s Monsters Ball getting her high yella pink pussy gutted by Billy Bob Thortons old wrinkly dick and balls. Its quite ironic that a black woman well bi-racial anyway had to do PORN fucking just to win the Oscar. Dorothy Dandrige, Cicely Tyson, Angela Basset all passed over for XXX. The version in the movie was highly edited but the uncut version looks like dick is going up in a vagina. I have always been outraged but yet so amazed and addicted to this scene. Its so raw there has never been any demand for a Halle Barry Sextape she already has one in an oscar winning performance Check it out The Gif Action at Booty Gif Dot Com


Click Image To See Hale Berry Ride That Old Ass Dick
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(Hall Berry Does Porn??)
halle berry and billy bob thortonhalle berry monsters ball

Angelina Jolie In Original Sin: A List Star Goes Wild!

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The rumor mill is that Billy Bob Thorton did a on screen live action Fuck Flick with Halle Berry In Monsters Ball to get revenge on His wife (at the time) Angelina Jolie for having REAL SEX with Antonio Banderas in the flick uh. Film Original Sin. The Sin film didnt make a lot of money and didnt win any awards so you probably never seen it before, but once you have it will prove my theory right! Sin was released Aug 2001 and Monster’s Ball was released in December 2001. So its pretty apparent that Billie Bob saw his young wife getting it on in some real dick in pink pussy and got jealous so the only thing he could do was get payback by drilling Halle Barry in a film of his own, and then it just fell apart. Angeline and Billie Boy married in 2000 and then had this fiasco in 2001, were estranged in 2002 and divorced in 2003. Sounds like your typical hollywood wedding, fall out and split. But it left some good hardcore art faking as fake sex that was real sex. Judge for yourself!


(if Angelina Jolee wasnt the daughter of John Voight she probably would’ve been a hardcore actress doing wild fetish bdsm stuff. I think in a alternative universe Belladonna XXX is a famous movie star and its Angelina in the porn industry making filthy porn)

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Shia Labeouf Real Sex Scene in Dutch Indy Movie

Shia labeouf sextapeShia labeouf porn

I never like Shia Labeof. I thought he was a snotty brat with no real talent and I figured he was the son of some powerful person in Hollywood forcing him onto the public like the Capolla family did with Nicholas Cage. His uncle is the film directing great Francis Ford Copolla. Shia graduated from his kids projects In Disney to getting some key roles like the side kick to Indiana Jones and then of course Transformers.

The the erratic behavior came with him showing up to awards shows with bags over his head and non-sensical interviews and just overall weirdness. Somewhere in there he decided that doing an indy film in Europe with REAL sex scenes was a good idea. You decide if you like it or not but being that hes famous and that’s what this blog is all about why not post it and let you decide. The film is called NYPHOMANIAC and this 10 min clip is a mash up of all the real fucking scenes in them.


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Amber Rose Balcony 2015: Plus Leaked Nude and Masturbation Pics

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EDITOR NOTE- 1/20/2015: This is a post updated from 2012 that discussed Amber Rose leaked naked masturbation pics. She stole the moment again with the images of herself on the balcony proving she could bounce back to shape after having a baby. She’s an attention whore and she knows how to grab a headline! Below is that former post and details.

amber rose naked

The rise of Amber Rose has been well documented in terms of the fame. For most of the public, she came on the scene as the eye candy freaky girlfriend of Rapper/Producer Kanye West. Sporting a blonde buzz cut look, you figured she was influenced by Annie Lennox and Grace Jones. And like Grace she was a working model. Amber actually comes from Cape Verde, small islands off the coast of North Africa. since her split with Kanye it was just a stepping stone for her to manipulate the public to get more famous and richer. It worked, shes recogniziable an has a vodka commercial for Smirnoff (They must be trying to fight back against P Diddy’s Ciroc for the urban market). so she seems to know how to work this fame thing. As a model shes 5″9 repped by Creative Artists Agency born in 1982 as Amber Levonchuck shes here to say get used to it. By the way enjoy the leaked nude images of her touching herself. Shes definitely jack off material. I see how Kayne Fell under her spell!

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Lady Gaga From Burlesque stripper to big time musical powerhouse!

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lady gaga sextapesStefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga is a real weirdo. She was one of those FAME school kids of the performing arts that only dreamed of being famous from performing and nothing else. Shes been compared to a younger up to date Madonna but its more than just that.. she likes the arena rock of Queen and the androgyny of the ultimate reinvention man himself David Bowie. Throw in some euro house influenced tracks and you got her. Shes had so many wardrobe malfunctions that its not even funny anymore. She was doing some stripping for cash under the guise of burlesque and also doing underground doing the small clubs of the New York City club circuit and many labels looked at her and passed ironically AKON of all people signed her to his label and he will never have to work again from this critical business move. IT was like LA Reid signing PINK. Put her out there get the fuck out the way and cash the checks. there were rumors that Stef had a dick or was a hermaphrodite which turned out to be not be true she just has some really big pussy lips

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Q: Real French Film With Real Blowjob! Deborah Revy Sucks

Those Freaky French. They are very liberal with there sex in which REAL non porn movies with real story and real plot just so happen to have real sex acts in them and its not even a scandal like it would be in the USA. There seems to be no middle ground in the states. Its either simulated Rated R or its downright porn, and for porno to be relevant its gotta be even more extreme because R rated movies like Monsters Ball looks as explicit as what passed as hardcore like 20 years ago! To the french is like fucking and sucking in a real movie. No sweat. The star here is Deborah Revy a virtual unknown in the US but a respectable actress Peep her **IMDB LIST OF FILMS** she was born in 1987 and has about 6 films to her name in France. I dont care what the plot is about in this FILM called “Q” (she plays a caracther called C├ęcile) all i know is she sucks a good dick!

deborah revy blowjobdeborah revy blowjob


q movie poster

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Chelsea Handler Sextape

(Chelsea getting hit from the back)
chelsea handler fucking

chelsea lately head Chelease Hanler has had a very successful career in the rough biz of entertainment. In the format of late night talk shows where women have been virtually shut out completely she carved out a niche for herself with quick wit and very good comedic timing and never letting a guest get the best of her. Shes always had a great snappy come back or one liner. Originally from New Jersey she went to LA to seek stardom as a stand up comedian and was damn good at it. Her show ran on E for entertainment since 2007 and is now being syndicated to overseas audiences. The details of the sextape are very contradictory. One version is that it was secretly filmed in an audition with a director to get a job and another version was that it was staged as a parody of sextapes by her. No one really knows the truth but what we do know is that that is her and shes getting hit from the back. THeres also rumors of her having jungle fever and having flings with rappers 50 Cent and Rick Ross. she admits to having sex with him however if there footage it has not yet surfaced yet but we’ll see.

chelsea handler and 50 cent


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Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin Allegedly REAL SEX In The Get Away

kim basinger sextapekim basinger fucking


Kim Basinger is a complete 180 of another actress of her generation – Julia Roberts. Julie Roberts wouldnt even give you ONE SINGLE NIPPLE while Kim Bassinger got down and dirty and erotic in her films in a way you expect from Euro actresses but A list caliber American stars wouldn’t touch. This means you to Reese Witherspoon. People viewed Kims raw sensual scenes like the provactive and food fetish surprise hit 9 1/2 weeks opposite Mickey Rouke making people think the sex was real. Her and Mick have denied for the last 21 years it was released. However in this less known flick the Get Away the question was raised again. Her scene opposite Alec Baldwin looks like shes putting his cock back in her pussy after it pops out. They were actually married at the time of its release so if the question is, is this scene REAL FUCKING. the answer is maybe!

< a href="" target="_blank">kim basinger sucking dick


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