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Lady Gaga From Burlesque stripper to big time musical powerhouse!

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lady gaga sextapesStefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga is a real weirdo. She was one of those FAME school kids of the performing arts that only dreamed of being famous from performing and nothing else. Shes been compared to a younger up to date Madonna but its more than just that.. she likes the arena rock of Queen and the androgyny of the ultimate reinvention man himself David Bowie. Throw in some euro house influenced tracks and you got her. Shes had so many wardrobe malfunctions that its not even funny anymore. She was doing some stripping for cash under the guise of burlesque and also doing underground doing the small clubs of the New York City club circuit and many labels looked at her and passed ironically AKON of all people signed her to his label and he will never have to work again from this critical business move. IT was like LA Reid signing PINK. Put her out there get the fuck out the way and cash the checks. there were rumors that Stef had a dick or was a hermaphrodite which turned out to be not be true she just has some really big pussy lips

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`Kim Kardashian. The Sextape That Made Her Famous 10 Year Anniversary

kim kardashian pornThe megastar rise of Kim Kardashan from ambitious socialite whore and sextoy for D list singer Ray J (the untalented wanna be star and brother of 90′s teen star Brandy) to pimpin this “leaked” tape to becoming an A List star with a family brand name, High rated reality show, A Luxury Box at the superbowl. You have to stop and think sometime. Kym Kardashian is a fucking genius. She is famous for what? Her biological dad was one of the OJ lawyers? Her stepdad is Bruce Jenner, (whos had enough plastic surgery to make him look like a old woman) Is Kim Kardashine talented? Can she sing? Can she dance? Can she act? The answer is No, No, and NO! So shes famous for a sextape with a D list “star”? If doing porn can make you millions then why is the porn industry full of an avalanche of young tricks that do the nastiest, filthiest, dirtiest fucking and sucking orgy gangbangs and get paid maybe $600-800 a scene and are not A list or household names? Thats what makes Mz Kardshian a fucking wunderkind at flipping this thing at selling your soul to be famous, but at least shes selling it HIGH and living like a fucking queen. Using the Playbook from her friend Paris Hilton who invented this how to. The full time porn hoes just aint smart as them are they? if you missed it, or living under a rock check it out!


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The 2pac Sextape? Its True. May Drop At Any Minute!

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Tupac was a traveling popular musician in his 20′s with freaky groupies all over the place in California. You shouldve guessed there would be some footage out there. You would be right. The 2pac sex flick is forgotten footage of him back in 1991. The time he was down with Digital Underground. The old school novelty rap band based known for there hits Do Whatcha Like and the infamous Humpty Dance. Pac started out as a roadie, then a backup dancer on stage and then eventually a MC getting his first appearance closing on The Same Song A P Funk influenced forgotten track! So in saying all that. The short grainy footage shows Tupac Shakur getting head from some unknown chick, who i bet will surface and make her famous too! On some Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky type shit, the cock sucker gets famous too! When it drops I will be the first to post it. Stay Tuned!

tupac sextape

(2 Pac First Appearance – Same Song 1991)


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The Sextape As Shameless Promotion Tool: Blame It On Paris Hilton

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you’ve heard the story a million times. The heiress to Hilton Hotels. a 90210 socialite with no talent but loves attention plus off a ridicolus caper to get more attention. Shes already rich but she wants to be famous but with no real talent to get famous about. So what do you do? you make some “private” dirty home made films with night vision and then they just so happen to “leak” just a week before the release of your reality show? Theres probably thousands of hoes working as porn actresses to pay the rent so why is she different? the difference is she wasnt a pay for play, but a rich girl moonlighting as a porn girl and linked to a rich to do family so its a scandal. Paris flipped this back in 2003 and gets paid handsomely at public events, launched a fragrance, Calendars and even put out an album (that thankfully tanked) she gave this same playboook to Kim Kardashian who did the same thing “leak” a sextape and catapult the scandal to more fame. Its all marketing, sell your soul and your privacy in exchange for fame. The Devil must be proud. But what does it say about our society when rich spoiled socialities with no decipherable talents get more rich and more famous for being porn whores? Now an untold number of regular middle class girls are busy trying to make a tape thinking it will make them famous but in reality it will just be a tarnish on there reputation for the rest of there life, if they ever try to do anything of importance in the future. Run for mayor or city council or something higher in 2030? hey wasnt that you doing fellatio on webcam back in 2012? Things are getting more liberal but even then i dont think thats gonna fly? What a world we live in, As for me, I dont care about all the other reality shows and clothing lines and what not i just want to see them sucking that dick and im happy.

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Chloe Sevigny Sucks Cock In “Real” Indie Movie!

Chloë Sevigny suck cockChloë Sevigny throat fuck

You may recognize Chloë Sevigny from her emmy winning role In Big Love She is one of those serious actresses thats completely into her roles and if the role provides she got raw, dirty and nasty then she says NO PROBLEM. Its not your typical Safe actress like Cameron Diaz, Brooke Shields or Julia Roberts back in the day who refused nudity, used body doubles. you couldnt get even one aerola out of these chicks. Then theres Cloe Sevigniy. who..


No grainy amatuer sextape is need of Clhoe Sevginy. she already has one in her real job. The raunchy blowjob of her deepthroating cock gagging is from the Indie Film BROWN BUNNY. The guy getting pleasures is Joe Gallo who wrote, directed and starred as the lead caracther. If you can write a scene about getting a blowjob and get a credible actress to liplock your cock, then life must be good! Like Halle Berry in Monsters Ball, somebody convinced to do porn for art. They will show you film at the Sundance film festival, the critics will call you edgy, you get to be naughty and film your sextape and get paid and pull it off as for the sake of art! I have no idea what the plotline is about in Brown Bunnie and i dont care, of the films 93 mins all i care about is 4 minutes of her getting her Linda Lovelace on! She always does the controversial, weird, and arty stuff other actresses are afraid to touch. The William Morris Agency dropped her after the appearance but she went on to win an emmy for big love so she gets the last laugh! Now how about some more throat work Chloe. I’ll hire you for my ART film, but i wont wait to the last scene to get your lips on my wood!

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The never ending Icloud Hack: Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and more nude photos

Jennifer Lawrence
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Kim Kardashian
kim kardashian naked booty

Kristan Dunst
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Hope Solo
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Kate Upton
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Selena Gomez Naked (The image to the left is Selena Gomez) Unless you are living under a rock The summer closed with September 20-21 a major hacking of Celebrities Phones leaked literally hundreds of naked pics of all of our favorite celebs who were silly and careless enough to take naked selfies. What did we learn? Well #1 That the security on your phones DOES NOT exist so if you dont want it to leak dont take them. #2 Celebs that dont nudity like J Law and Kristen Dunst are quenching a desire from there fans to knock them from there high horse and show us some long over due skin. #3 We know that Kim Kardashian got famous for doing material much more risque but it never hurts to see even more new naked pics because even if you hate her shes still fucking hot! In addition to the women hacked above there was even photos of BBW Jill Scott that leaked. So yeah they got EVERYBODY! Hey once again if you dont want it out there don’t take it!

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Major Celebrity Sextape Hacking Drops! Riahanna and many more Leak

riahanna sextoy

riahanna naked Riahana Fenty is no stranger to naughty pics. When she was dating Chris Brown circa 2011 there was some softcore nudes that leaked but now her stuff keeps getting freakier and leaning torwards the hardcore stuff of pornstars. she is apparently the victim of a major celebrity hacking that has names like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Megan Goode, Gabrielle Union and even Hope Solo apparently caught up in the frenzy. If you dont want your wild stuff to leak out on the internet then you should’nt be do all this crazy wreckless stuff. But if you are a celeb of this stature it may actually help your career based on the shaky moral of todays 21st century standards. In Ree Ree’s case shes kissing a stunt cock sextoy (above) and is kissing a girl and much more! More info to cum on the scandal over the next week to cum


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The Kanye West Sextapes With Kim Kardashian Look A Like?

(Is that a POV shot of Kayne West Cock?)
kanye west and mony monn

kanye west leaked picsRumors have floated around all of summer of 2012 that Kanye West had not just one but TWO SEXTAPES out there that could be leaked at any moment. He started to date the skanless whore Kim Kardashian very soon after her marriage disolved with Brooklyn Nets Forward Kris Humprhies so anybody thats involved with the KKK (all the Kardashan hoes are named with the letter K and theres 3 of them go figure) then any type of headline stealing low brow manipulative bullshit is possible. To add to the juicy gossip is that the sextapes that are allegedly filmed the girl that K West is pounding is not Kym Kardashian but is a Kim Karadshin 19 year old Look alike named Monny Mon. Yep shit is getting strange. There was also an alleged $5 million bounty by a porn media company to obtain the rights that is supposedly is being blocked by Kenny West Deep pockets and team of lawyers. Now that Kym Kardashian is confirmed pregnant he wont be able to get rid of her since they share a kid now so this story only gets jucier. The images listed here are supposed to be top secrets leaks of whats to cum? We will keep you posted!

kanye west spoof
kanye west sextapemonyy mon

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In The Cut: Meg Ryan Watches a Real BLOWJOB!

meg ryan plastic surgery Meg Ryan made her career in the romantic comedy. Real Vanilla stuff meaning that it wasn’t offensive, always clean cut and so sanatized that it just made you hurl from being so corny. You’ve seen these movies a million time because they are so “safe” and so NON controversial that they play on Airline Flights so you watched them just to have something to do. Or they are on a non stop loop at your favorite retail store like Best Buy, Target or Walmart. Films that are real schmaltzy like Sleepless In Seattle, You Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally. Megs rep has been so sanitary she makes Julie Andrews look edgy. That was until the 2003 murder mystery IN THE CUT dropped. The plot attempts to play off of Silence of the Lambs or Se7ven but comes up short. The only redeeming quality is that Meg does her first on screen nude scene in a steamy sex scene and even wilder than that this is a mainstream film in which the directors cut has her witnessing a real BLOWJOB performed by Heather Liteer. Heather is definitely NOT a name actress with only about 5 or so small roles to her credit. It would’ve been real news if Meg was the one giving head, but hey we finally got her to show her 42 year old titty for the first time so lets not get ahead of ourselves. The movie was panned by critics and audiences alike and only got a 33 out of a 100 at Rotten Tomatoes dot com. Thats too bad because it was a best selling novel and the film was directed by a female, (and not enough females get a chance to direct in hollywood so a failed film makes it harder to get another female a shot) Lets face it, all you care about is the porn in this attempted thriller so I’ll give you the best scene and save you time and money!


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Hi… Im Heather Liteer I sucked Cock From In The Cut
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Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis Sex Scenes In Friends With Benefits

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This is Mila Kunis 3rd appearance at sex tape blogs dot com and I bet you dont mind that all. Shes a hot babe. First getting famous on the cast of That 70′s show, and as the voice of Meg on Family Guy shes always on the Maxim top 100 babe list and many a mans wet dream. She doesn’t seem to mind do really freaky stuff on film for the sake of ART and a paycheck. Im guessing you never saw the film Friends with Benefits were she stars opposite Justin Temberlake.The title says it all shes like a homey lover friend and in a relationship were the man and woman get along with common interest, they can watch football or fuck (which they do plenty of) This romantic comedy actually got a 71% rating at rotten Tomatoes so its actually a good film, considering most rom com’s are derivitive, predictable and paint by the numbers chick flicks that women drag there man to go see and we suffer through if it means getting some HEAD later. I bet you dont want to take 90 minutes of your time for the good stuff so just click the link to see a mix of the fuck scenes. Its not the shocking “looks real” stuff like Halle Berry in Monsters Ball (im still convinced Billy Bob was tagging her sugarwalls) but FWB has some sex scenes here


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