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Erykah Badu and Her Sister Do Nude Fetish in Controversial Flaming Lips Video

Erykah Badu blood soaked From the very beginning in her 1996 national debut Erykah Badu always came off as kind of weird. Her neo soul contemporaries like Maxwell, Bilal were always kind of different in subject matter and presentation than mainstream R&B but Ms Badu went far beyond that. Some people even believe that shes a witch. What i do know is that collects rappers as boyfriends and is extremely fertile. She has 3 different kids by different guys. Andre 3000, The doctor Dre protege The D.O.C and Jay Electronica. The last controversy EB did was her Window Seat video were she strips naked and reenacts the assisanation of John F Kennedy on the actual historical site that it happened. That brings us to 2012 and the latest controversy. From the pics you can already get an idea of the strangeness but the story is like this. Ms Badu did a compilation with the alternative rock act the Flaming Lips and when it came to the video Erykah and her Sister engaged in some very erotic images that looked out a mix of Japanese live action hentai meets true blood meets ghetto strip club. In a bath tub theres images of Badu and her sister bathed in Blood, Glitter and some type of oozing substance that looks like sperm. I can’t tell if its jizz or not but it gives the impression that its semen and Badu’s sister is having an orgy or an sacrafice in it (you tell me) The video leaked online but Erykah was pissed with the result stating that the editing did not properly reflect what they agreed on. This is actually surprising to me, that Erykah could walk downtown Dallas and do public nude but on this one she disagreed. I dont see the consistency! The video was yanked from view on the internet but now since has reappeared unedited!

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