Kreayshawn White Female Rapper Leaked Naked Pics

If she wasnt famous there wouldnt be much to look at on these Kreayshawn leaked self shot pics. Shes tiny, petite, smallish and looks younger than the 18 years old she was at the time they were shot, So if you get off those shots then you are some R Kelly type shit that we dont condone at this blog! LOL. i think the fact that they exist just add to her rising fame. If you late to her shes a small white chick with only a very average flow that used to peddle pills at college campuses. she pieced together some mixtapes and low budget vids and her tune Gucci, Gucci was a youtube sensation leading to her getting a major deal! Shes got too many tats and sports door bell knocker earrings like a ethnic hood chick but shes part of a new breed of hip hop lovers that are white but were still in diapers when Dr Dre released the chronic! It was only a matter of time before there was a “white girl” rapper in the biz and its her! lets see how long this last!

kreshawn blowjob

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Kreshayn Wiki Page

(Kreyshawn. Lasty rapper or 1 hit Wonder)

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