Q: Real French Film With Real Blowjob! Deborah Revy Sucks

Those Freaky French. They are very liberal with there sex in which REAL non porn movies with real story and real plot just so happen to have real sex acts in them and its not even a scandal like it would be in the USA. There seems to be no middle ground in the states. Its either simulated Rated R or its downright porn, and for porno to be relevant its gotta be even more extreme because R rated movies like Monsters Ball looks as explicit as what passed as hardcore like 20 years ago! To the french is like fucking and sucking in a real movie. No sweat. The star here is Deborah Revy a virtual unknown in the US but a respectable actress Peep her **IMDB LIST OF FILMS** she was born in 1987 and has about 6 films to her name in France. I dont care what the plot is about in this FILM called “Q” (she plays a caracther called C├ęcile) all i know is she sucks a good dick!

deborah revy blowjobdeborah revy blowjob


q movie poster

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