Kate Winslet Gets Pounded In Explicit Realistic Sex Scene!

kate winslet sex gif

ya gotta give Katey Winslet her props. After starring in the female lead in TITANIC. the 2nd highest grossing movie ever (after another James Cameron film Avatar) she couldve played it safe, and done the Julia Roberts thing and pick and choose whatever she wanted, played it safe and not show one single aerola, but KATE is a real BRITISH actress who doesnt mind taking chances and doesnt mind getting naked and doing SEXY stuff for ART. As in the case of Little Children about a woman having an illicit affair, that appears to start by getting banged in a wet kitchen as seen by the gif!

If we learned anything from Halle Berry in Monsters Ball and Natalie Portman in Black Swan is. If you shoot a low budget ARTSY film with some raw sex scenes in it that means OSCAR NOMINATION and in the case of Halle and Natalie you actually win. I hope this Euro film to Porn in Art and Art in Porn continues. Im enjoying the ride!


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