Karrine Steffans aka Superhead Admits That She Lied? I Dont Care Just Suck My Dick!

Karine Stefans aka Supahead will be always remembered as being one of the most controversial figures in show business. If you missed back in 05 this former video ho, released a memoir about her exploits with big name rappers, singers, and ball players. This isnt new, these type of dish the dirt books have come out for years. but what was new was that she NAMING NAMES. Like Shaquille Oneal, Jarule, Method Man, Tigger From BET Rap City. She did forget to mention that she did PORN. soon after the book came out, some obscure hardcore of her deepthroating Mr Marcus under the presumed HONEY. she came out in summer 2011 and claimed that all the stuff in the book was a big FAT LIE peep the article in ALL HIP HOP DOT COM With this scandalous bitch you dont know what the truth was, but hey the checks are still rolling into her. And her name will be remembered as having the whole industry shook and now shes an obscure exposed fraud. What bullshit!


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