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April Pratt: University of Memphis Sextape Or Stupid Trick Porn Slut?

april prattApril Pratt Who are you? An attention whore you needs her ass beat for embarrassing herself and her school and her family or a porn chick trying to shock the media and the street into getting her attention. This is not the Amber Cole situation (a real scandal since she was a minor and you WILL NOT see that shit here on this blog) but could it be like the Mt St Ursula case of the catholic school chick who went bad and did some hardcore wild shit on film. Its hard to tell but since it dropped on World Star Hip Hop, you have to wonder.. are hoes this hard up for attention that they do this type of crazy shit or is it the plague of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s influence on young women that sextapes are a good career move? I cant call it. Judge for yourself. a real sextape of a Memphis student or porn chick opportunist. The college very quickly disassociated themselves from this ghetto sex flick! (April Prat was wearing, all the Tigers gear all on the campus and shit. Ridcolous isnt it?) enjoy and ask yourself. Has a sex tape ever advanced the career of a black female? Buckey on Flava of Love? the Rapper Eve? Frenchie on American Idol? Montana Fishburne? So far the answer would be NO.. Stay tuned


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Scandal News Report 1
Scandal News Report 2

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