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Hoopz aka Nikki Alexander (Shaquile O’neals Girlfriend) Sextape

Nicki Alexander first got her taste of national fame as a contestant on the irresistibly cheesy Flava Of Love Season 1 were she uhh WON the affection of Flava Flav, a man at the time with 5 kids and 25 years her senior. Contrasting against the extra ghetto Miss New York, Nikki nicknamed HOOPZ for her sexy but athletic smoking hot body, she appeared to be above it all and classy individual! So to some when her getting pounded video leaks dropped in 2009 it was shocking but not to people like me. Before Flavor of Luv This Detroit Model had a website in association with Eye Candy Modeling in 2003 calle MyDarlingnikki.com which as you could guess opened with the song Darling Nikki by Prince playing the background. She didnt get all the way nude but left very little to the imagination. She had some butt shots but never showed nipples or that pink sugar walls so by new millenium standards it was considered a non nude site. This was all in 2003-2005 before the site disappeared, then she wind up on a casting call that got her out to LA for the Love show and the rest is history. She popped up at events like the CIAA tournament, and somehow or another caught the eye of the recently retired NBA hall of famer Shaquille Oneal. So she did a major upgrade on her career and shes smart enough to sell it to a high bidder like trick azz Shaq

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